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This list is dependent on the driver version. Reports on i content are of greatest interest for deinterlacers. I upgraded to the This page was last modified on 7 April , at See the discussion thread surrounding this post. Installed on days ago InstallationMedia: This will extract the contents, without running the included installer script.

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You might want to consider openbox. One of the blessings of Ubuntu Mythbuntu is that it works out of the box at least until lately.

Bug # “After upgrade of Nvidia drivers, mythfrontend” : Bugs : Mythbuntu

This is something which is mostly seen on widescreen TV displays. Sign up using Email and Password. Wikipedia has an article on: A potentially different patch has also been submitted on alsa-devel that may find its way into the next version of alsa. Confirm the setting by running:. After putting in your password, you can edit system files, Be careful!

After upgrade of Mythbutnu drivers, mythfrontend.

Closing this task as it’s no longer developed. Unfortunately, due to a bug in recent versions of nvidia-settings, this setting may not be preserved across reboots: If you have a proprietary graphics card driver that needed to be installed, you will need to complete the installation for it right now.


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Sign up using Facebook. Secondturn off compositing in the xorg. Kees Cook kees on There are no published plans by Nvidia to support XvMC in the 8xxx series, which may make hardware assisted high def playback problematic. Views Read View source View history.

The mythtv user is only used for the backend process. You can disable this by adding. When Given a list of sessions, choose MythTV.

The retracer discovered that the core dump was truncated when trying to retrace this crash, from the retracer log file: Retrieved from ” http: Deinterlacing is performed within the shader hardware, so a more powerful card will be capable of more advanced filters at higher resolutions and framerates. Set the newly created MythTV session to be the default.

However, booting the system with the ‘noapic’ option appended to the kernel boot line was enough to get my system stable. Oliver Gerlich ogerlich wrote on Once it was set to 4 the system became rock steady. However, this can cause problems on some hardware so if X starts getting flaky and crashing, set UseEvents back to false.


Brian Murray brian-murray wrote on This list is dependent on the driver version. Debian also has packages available to install the driver. Enter the appropriate information, and verify myhbuntu it works on your network.

NVidia Cards

Since video decoding is done in dedicated hardware, all supported cards have the same level of performance. This problem appears to have been resolved in recent combinations of video card, Xorg, nVidia driver and MythTV e. Enabling this sometimes causes video stuttering. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else.