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You will need to: The two ways of selecting a function are described below. For polling to work, the remote machine must also be set up to be polled. To do this, just tell the machine when and where the transmission should go. You cannot use the numeric keys to enter these numbers. For further information of installing, printer driver and scanner driver, see the manuals on the CD. Separator Page Partition each received documents by inserting a separator page.

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Muratec F Manuals

Depart ment List Prints a total communication time and printed pages for each department code. Fax Settings Prints a list of fax settings. Cover Tx Side B mfx The mode light indicates what mode the machine is in.

Installing The Machine As long as your machine holds AC power and you do not erase the document from the box, the document is available indefinitely for polling. Select F-Code Box Erasing an empty F-code box An F-code box must be empty in order to erase it.


Auto Reset Sets the time minutes for the scan parameters return to their initial condition. Excessive RENs on a telephone line may result in the devices not ringing in response to an incoming call. To mruatec the transmission, use Review commands features.

Muratec Fax Machine F User Guide |

Documents are not received in the box. To perform delayed regular polling, go on to step 5. Network Interface Board Clearing Jammed Paper Your machine prints the chosen document, then returns to the standby mode. Your machine rings the number of times you have set the default setting is twice. If you select an F-code box in these steps which is not empty, the machine beeps.

The scanner unit will move to home position and the machine will be ready to use. The following functions are not able to combine with sending faxes using the email gateway: For a regular phone call: The machine shows the first command, indicated by its command number and the phone number it will dial.

Otherwise, the damaged cable can cause fire, electrical shock or malfunction. This number is used for canceling the I. Then re-enter the number correctly.


Muratec F-305 Manuals

All in One Printer Size: Contact the state public utility commission, public service commission, or corporation commission for information. Service Mode For technical support. To change the scanning contrast: Manual Reception Mode Pc Printing Errors [cd] You can send up to numbers for a broadcast.

Memory Overflow Start Or Cancel This appears because 1 too many pages have been stored in the memory, or 2 the pages that are stored have too much information on them for your machine to remember. Then, holding the toner cartridge v-305 both hands, gently shake it to distribute the toner evenly inside the cartridge.

If you want to cancel a different number, go back to step 5. Enter Group Dial Registers a dial group.