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If you need a higher resolution, you’ll have to use an external monitor that is connected via the analog VGA-out. Even older games with simple, not too demanding graphics are possible to a certain extent, and if they don’t require a dedicated 3D accelerator. Opening and closing the 10 inch display is easy and doesn’t make any disturbing squeaking noises. Surfing, writing emails, listening to MP3s or watching movies stored on the hard disk no HDs isn’t a problem for our test netbook. But MSI Wind U has literally brought us a fresh wind in the black-white monotony of notebooks and netbooks.

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Review MSI Wind U160 Netbook

The Wind U from MSI has a 10 inch widescreen display with a reflective surface and screen size of The Wind U doesn’t leave much to be desired in terms of mobility with a construction height of only 25 millimeters and a weight of a bit more than a kilogram. Thus, we find a port for connecting a Kensington lock on the left.

As for the design, the Wind U is available in two alternatives called Fancy Gold and Jet black by the manufacturer. The rates are all within a green field in view of the access and transfer rates.

Review MSI Wind U Netbook – Reviews

Although our test netbook is equipped with an Intel Atom N processor with a clock rate of 1. Ultimately, we could type fairly smoothly after a longer accommodation period, whereby a few extra key strokes couldn’t be completely prevented even then. In return, the hard disk runs along with Disk data transfer rate.


The measured temperatures on the upper side, that is wrist-rest and keyboard, are also alright under load, but the bottom side of the small ten inch computing servant shows a different picture. Aside from the fan characteristic, or rather fan control, the directly related temperature emissions supply reason for complaint.

The Wind U is even well equipped in terms of communication hardware. Common videk applications usually put a demand on the device far below the level of our stress test, which rather simulates extreme conditions. If you can cope with these flaws, you’ll get win solid, compact and well-manufactured netbook at a fair price of about But the Wind U in Fancy Gold isn’t bad, either.

Although pleasant working on the lap is hardly possible with This difference isn’t usually visible during operation – that is unless you often work on pure white backgrounds. The H160 U in black is for the traditionalists amongst you. The power button is found on the right in the area of the hinges.

This doesn’t have to be the case, especially in idle mode, as other manufacturers’ devices have proved.

However, the domestic stereo system or high-quality headphones should also be preferred here because the provided soundscape lacks power and volume, especially in the lower sound ranges. Keyboard A further highlight of the Wind U is its keyboard. The included lithium Ion battery with a capacity of 65 WH Consequently, it will be necessary to frequently adjust the display regularly. The till now really rather acceptable impression is dimmed by following qind points.


A consistently running fan in idle mode would very likely be a reason for exclusion, even if the determined rate is only The 10 inch device with a WSVGA display and a maximum resolution of x pixels doesn’t only look great, but was also able to win the much desired ” iF Product Design Award “. The manufacturer MSI allegedly has a Wind U configuration with a UMTS card slot as an exciting and definitely interesting option, whereby such models haven’t been cideo yet.

The display’s back is made in high-gloss and gives the netbook a dignified appearance. A Western Digital 2. The white lit MSI logo, decentered somewhat to the right on the display’s videp, first really stands out in dimmed rooms. The mobile energy supplier comes first to its end after five hours and 44 minutes.

It is quite sturdy in regards to pressure and barely bends despite the chiclet keyboard. Opening and closing ksi 10 inch display is easy and doesn’t make any disturbing squeaking noises. Quality journalism is made possible by advertising.