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Download the tools above, unpack them unrar, unzip — here is a good tool for that tugzip. Select your file here. Refer to my second post in this thread for installation directions. This will, however, erase everything that you have already put on the phone. I really want the ability to use sound files from the TF card as ringtone Good thing you got the MP problem fixed up.

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The Reflash will update only the software version and will also write whatever Language Pack is present in the flash file onto your phone.

Some Life Blog: Motorola RAZR V3 – Install P2K Commander – Step-by-Step (Pictures)

Jul 20 Cannot access card says to reformat but Itunes shows up songs and they play fine?? Eventlights, based on the pattern that has been used, will light up external p2o when you have received an SMS. Mar 21 Upon sending, I looked at the Outbox and noticed that the messages that I had written were completely blank – no characters. Turn your phone on in bootloader mode.

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If it weren’t possible to do, the owner of the hackthev3i. I would like to flash my V3 to enable the video recording and remove unwanted files.


How do I remove the “Flex Error: Multiple Letter Search Video Recording: One reminder to those who wish to try apply the skin into your phone. You shouldn’t have to point it out to anything specific.

Here’s a short guide on unbranding your phone. I can create Chinese SMSes, but they don’t send properly.

Unlock Motorola V3 RAZR and go to the Moon!

Then the phone can turn on normally. Mod My Moto Forums.

Step 1 – Immediately remove the battery. Make sure to download the following two applicatiosn: I dun think motomidman can work with V3i if not mistaken reading The front faceplate looks like OEM.

By flashing your phone with a DRM reflash, you can change out the battery level indicator, charge indicator, Bluetooth activity, etc. The bootload mode is not actually helping anything. It allows the transfer of most b3 files including seems and the deletion of “locked” system files that you may motorpla to get rid of. Assuming that it was simply a problem with the flash file that you used, you can attempt to restore the phone using another MP.


Before we get started, take a look at Calling all funlight. The basic security in RSA comes from the mtorola that, while it is relatively easy to multiply two huge prime numbers together to obtain their product, it is computationally difficult to go the reverse direction: Please do not try if you do not know.

MOTO RAZR V3 / V3i Hacks and Mods

Here is how you’d solve this problem with P2K Tools the screen shots here are from the older version of the program. The same goes for the battery cover.

File 2 – Contains: I myself just copy the skin directory over to the respective directories on the phone itself.

Oct 13 Updated to include a brief write-up on how to enable funlights. I grind 1 side already to make it bigger but it just doesnt look nice. No idea how to do it, but I imagine motoropa wouldn’t be a simple hack.