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You can use advanced printing features when using your machine. There is no paper inthe multi-purposetray. Page Reinstallation for LinuxIf the printer driver does not work properly, uninstall the driver andreinstall it. Page Wired network setup2. Clearing paper jams3Remove the jammed paper by gently pulling it straight out.

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You mo-331x set theoption for whether or not this samsugn or LED appears. Page 20 Control panel overview1. Page Using advanced print featuresXPS printer driver: If the IPv6 network seems to not be working, set all thenetwork setting to the factory defaults and try again usingClear Setting see “Network” on page Troubleshooting1If the paper does not exit, go to the next step.

Remove all software from the startup group, then restart Windows. After the machine is added, click Finish.

If you are not a super user, ask your systemadministrator. Ensure that the paper level is below the paper capacity mark on the inside of the tray.

Check the settings and click Next. Linux printing7The Printing window appears, allowing you to monitor thestatus of your print job.


Samsung Printer MLX User Guide |

Load paper in the multipurpose tray see”Loading in multipurpose tray” on page Allows you to print a test page to ensure the machine isworking properly. Basic printing8Opening printing preferences2. Useful management tools1Switches to Ports configuration. For the network administratorespecially, managing several machines on the network is possible. This buttonopens Troubleshooting Guide whenan error occurs.

Turn on PrintAs Image from the Acrobat printing options. Confirm the encryption networkkey value. Repair by non-certifiedtechnicians could result in fire or electric shock.

Media and tray1Open the multi-purpose tray and unfold the multi-purposetray extension, as shown. Changing the display languageTo change the language that is displayed on the control panel,follow these steps: Monitoring the supplies lifeTo view the supply life indicators, follow the steps below: Page Printing ml-33×1 cause6.

Useful network programsThere are several programs available to setup the network settingseasily in a network environment. Only use labels with no exposed backingbetween them. Page Changing the font settingYour machine has preset the font for your region or country. We were unable to find any drivers for your product.


Character voidsAHorizontal stripesCharacter voids are white areas within parts of characters that should be solid black: When printing large quantities, the bottom part of thepaper output area may get hot. Page 66 Clearing paper jams3Remove the jammed paper by gently pulling it straight out. Page 18 Machine overview1.

Because ozone is heavier than air, keep the product ina place with good ventilation. If not, open Add new printer wizard to set up your device.

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If the problem persists, call a servicerepresentative. Using a network-connected machine14Turn on the machine. IndexAfeaturesprint media featureaccessoriesordering52front viewCgeneral icons85inside62outside62pickup roller64cleaning a machinemulti-purpose trayloadingclearing papertips for avoiding paper jams35using special mediatips on usingjam19conventioninstalling memory modulememory upgradingmenu overviewmemoryJ62control panelmaintenance parts17GcleaningNnetworkLinstalling environment91Linux.