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Page 15 50 sheets max. This digital colour printer complies with the requirements of the EC. Make sure the contents of the accessory are all included. Mitsubishi digital color printer operation manual cpdw 26 pages. A dpi thermal head results in even greater image quality, clarity and texture at superior resolutions. Open the top cover when installing an ink sheet or clearing a paper jam.

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Print paper is not specified by the printer driver.

Black Diamond Photo Printer – Large Format

All places of operation are characterised by. Is the combination of the paper size installed and paper tray setting correct? If you use other cables, it may cause interference with radio and television reception. Tab 4 Place the paper in the paper tray with the protection sheet on top. Is the cable connected correctly? Always handle ink sheet and ink cassette with cp3020rae hands.


Wipe only the areas shown right. Two print mktsubishi can be selected, x 75mm normal and x 99mm landscapeand normal print sizes can be produced in as little as 3. NOTE The thermal head may be damaged if you touch it while static electricity builds up on your body.


Discard any partially-fed paper from the paper tray.

Mitsubishi CP3020DAE Vista and 7 32-bit Driver

Push the ink cassette to the left and lift up to remove. Is there any dirt on the print paper or ink sheet? The number of the copies can be set by the printer driver. Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

They must be sold by an authorized Mitsubishi dealer, and we are. It lights up during data transfer, during printing, or when printing is available.

We are also an authorized Mitsubishi warranty repair cp3020eae. Place the unit on a hard and level surface and locate at least 17 cm 6.

Turn off the power and then turn on it again. Spool 6 Hold the ink cassette by the handle, and slide the spool onto the 2 hubs on the left side. We cannot fix situations we are unaware of. If this item must be.

CPDAE : Black Diamond Photo Printer – Large Format // Mitsubishi Electric

Avoid exposure to high intensity light sources, particularly fluorescent light and sunlight, which are high in ultraviolet radiation. NOTE Use only the tray designed for this printer. Remove the cushion with its contents.


Remove this spacer when using the printer. Printing speed is approx. Features And Functions Press to turn on power. A dpi thermal head results in even greater image quality, clarity and texture mitsubisyi superior resolutions. Please, help us to conserve the environment we live in!

Mitsubishi Printer Refine Results. We appreciate your patience and opportunity to correct mitssubishi situation if that happens. Before moving the unit, make sure to disconnect the power cord from the power outlet, and the cables from the connected devices.

In the European Union there are separate collection systems for used electrical and electronic product. Open the top of the box and remove the cardboard.

Push the ink cassette to the left and lift up to remove.