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Even if it is not used in its native resolution, which is very fine, the displayed picture is always alright. Nonetheless, the sound system is sufficient for listening to background music. If your hands are big, you might have troubles using them. News Reviews Insights TechRadar. However, it can be easily cleaned by the provided micro fibre cloth. A big logo on its lid, bright-red flames everywhere you look, and a deep black case are the trademarks of the Extreme model we reviewed.

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With smaller than average Shift, Enter and full-stop keys, it’s easy to make mistakes when typing at speed. This might be a result of the good Windows configuration of the notebook we reviewed or of improvements of the video card driver developed during the last few weeks and months.

The edged front part is msi megabook gx very gx7000. If you are very sensible to noisesyou won’t be happy with this notebook. We gx700 hardly recognize any hard disk accesse due to a noise level of about The average brightness of just The mouse pointer can be precisely controlled by the 7.


According to the latest developments its seems that this standard is more wide-spread than the HD-DVD format. Furthermore, after-images are megaboo, when running fast shooters and there is hardly any video noise when watching movies. Even the touch pad has a glaring red colour spot.


Small cursor keys are especially for jump and run games not really user-friendly. The sound system consists of four speakers and a small sub-woofer. If you carry the notebook in the knapsack, you should, therefore, especially take care that nothing heavy, e. Due to striking design it should be able to attract its target group, but put others off. Megabook share our article, every link counts! Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. But, if you need one, msi megabook gx can simply configure the driver for it.

The display scores average in our tests.

Because of Bluetooth wireless g capability, you can also create a high quality digital living space all around. The PCMark05 resulted in pointswhich is above average. Windows Vista Performance Index.

Msi megabook gx the gc700 for the interfaces msi megabook gx the megabolk of the case is quite edgedso, daily work with the touch pad might not be extremely user-friendly. The results in the 3D benchmarks are compared to competitor notebooks surprisingly good mwgabook.

We won’t recommend running one of the current 3D games lap top. According to specs page: While the W, A, S, and D keys are highlighted in redthe left Ctrl key, which is also important for gamers, is not completely leftbut right beside the Fn key.


We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. As in previous reviews the GByte hard disk of the Scorpio series works always very fast and pleasingly quiet.

However, it can be easily cleaned by the provided micro fibre cloth. The quality of the lid conforms to the standard of this notebook msi megabook gx The resolution of x pixels WXGA is brilliantly representedso, the load on the video card can be reduced when running current games, which often do not reach sufficient frame rates for smoothly running at native display resolutions.

There is a small web cam in the display frame, which is alright for video conferences.

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The lack of HD support may disappoint some, but the short battery life is a bigger issue making it only really suitable for use when you’ve got mains power nearby. Non-reflecting display with high-resolution and very good interpolation performance. Loudness If you are very sensible to noisesyou won’t be happy with this notebook.