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Originally Posted by z28mccrory. The PnP s might hold you back a bit from your goal but it’ll be damn close! Just make sure not to hit 85 mph. You have the ability to get above 1k rwhp with the right setup. I personally don’t mind the weight of the iron block especially if I keep the nitrous on there with forged pistons. Take a step back and ask yourself some honest questions or you will be out alot of money like I am.

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Originally Posted by blackfbird. Damn I need more info and education.

He has built LS3 and LS7s with 4. A true indication of a great street cam choice was the fact that the grind improved the power output everywhere, from 2, rpm to 6, rpm. The mild Crane cam improved the power output of the 6.

Though the Scat crank was keyed to accept an aftermarket damper, we relied on the stock unit for now. What cranks are people using as well as what rods and pistons?

You might wanna give Texas Dqily a call to get an estimate and professional opinions and what you can do to keep it low cost.


And let’s face it, most everyone’s proverbial purses are a bit tight these days, so the dzily has become even more pertinent. His best advice is limiting the stroke to I would prefer to build a separate shortblock so I could do like a weekend project of swapping bottom ends and installing the supercharger. At psi these kits can easily push rwhp. Its sort of my fault my budget is spiraling out of control, if I’m rebuilding might as well take it one step further. Storker would take it and my goat and go get a new ZO6 Heavy D I’m looking to possibly go with a for my daily drivin ta.

Daily Driver? – LS1TECH – Camaro and Firebird Forum Discussion

O and all your suporting mods,clutch,driveshaft, BMR half shafts,wheel studs,tires, My TA with casting touched up heads from patriot made over rwhp Like getting what you want while spending a lot less than you thought? According to Wiseco’s Brian Nutter, “the K1 crankshaft and connecting rods are priced extremely well and offer attention to detail not often seen in budget parts. Sources Air Stoker Research. The best “bang for your buck” combo right now is a ci iron block motor with a stock crank.

So, it can be done. I seriously appreciate all the information and IM’s!


408 Daily Driver?

Stroking the LS2 and building a forged setup will give you more room then you will ever need to go. Find More Posts by smok’nZ. Damn I want more cubes, however, I’m not sure i could afford all the supporting mods necessary to hold that kind of power: I would take it and my goat and go get a new ZO6. If you’re hellbent on making sick power without boost the 6. Daniel Linnett These blocks are capable of handling 2, hp with the proper rotating assembly, cylinder heads and power adder.

Look in stromer Sig If you go FI here are my thoughts.

Each JE piston featured a 10cc dish replete with valve reliefs to provide adequate piston-to-valve clearance for aggressive cams. The LS3 is not designed for boost so if you build one never plan on adding a power adder. With 9 or 10 psi would my ‘s work o.