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Microsoft’s page for the IntelliMouse Explorer. The mouse has screws under its back two feet, but it’s also got clips under its front two feet. As the foggy air clears I hear you ask, “But then how is this particular optical mouse any better than the others? Personally, I didn’t have much luck with MouseWare. Provided you don’t care about the whole working thing. For optimal satisfaction, today’s current games, whether they be RTS or FPS, require both performance as well as a healthy compliment of buttons out of their mice.

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If you look past the dual-sensor hype, there’s definitely nothing wrong with the MouseMan Dual Optical, and you may well prefer it to the Explorer 3.

If your USB hub’s only a couple of feet from your mousemat then you’ll end up with an imposing cable junglebut such is life. Only now, while dragging, it can actually be put to some use other than cleaning your desktop as this is where the single thumb button is located. Getting into the Dual Optical is refreshingly easy. The lid of the Wheel Mouse Optical’s entirely unremarkable, but its tail-light piece is otpical separate bit of plastic.

Logitech MouseMan Dual Optical – mouse – PS/2, USB – metallic gray Overview – CNET

Basically, the deal seems to be that whichever sensor has the best idea of what’s going on is the one the mouse listens to. Provided you don’t care about the whole working thing.

It’s not uncomfortable, it’s not awkward, but the button position and size is different. The computing world seems to be settling pretty solidly towards making logtech the plural of “mouse”, whether you’re talking about rodents or input devices.


Microsoft’s original IntelliMouse with IntelliEye which I reviewed some time ago here has a similar lump of metal in it, and is similarly user-lightenable. The original IntelliEye mouses took images per second of the surface below them; the second version ones took And you never feel comfortable touching ootical else’s, or worse yet, vile public ones as they’re the filthiest and most unreliable.

Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical Wired Mouse USB Ps2

If this mouse looks a bit familiar, it’s because Logitech have used this shape of casing before. Little sucker is sturdy too.

Thankfully the new Logitech 9. All of those mouses that’re designed for fictional hands really bother me. Case in point, I opted to do a clean reformat and reinstall on my home system not too long ago. Though I do have a left-handed friend who uses optocal right hand for mice.

In terms of design, the Mouseman Dual Optical takes a more traditional, refined approach to the mouse. Which is more than can be said for the other two mouses in this comparison.

Logitech Mouseman Dual Optical Wired Mouse USB Ps2 | eBay

The ones that didn’t were either optical units that needed a special pad, or puck-type widgets for use on graphics tablets. Anyhow, these days ball mouses may still be very common, but they’re not the preferred pointer-pusher.

The version 2 Explorer looked the same as the version 1 one, but it had a better sensor with a higher photo rate. Let’s start with the simple mouse. He was too busy going blind to care about my bagels. When you move the mouse fast enough that it can’t see enough similarity between successive images of the surface beneath it to be able to tell what’s going on, it skips. Friday is bagel day here at the office. Personally, I prefer “mouses” when I’m talking about the computer peripheral, and “mice” when talking about the animals of which my overweight cat manages to catch about one a year.


Overall If you have to use your mouse on lobitech surfaces – the top of a somewhat shiny equipment case, your leg, carpet – then the dual sensor Mousema seems to stand the best chance of keeping your pointer on track. But while the additional sensor does create a noticeable upping of smoothness, if you already have a reasonably decent optical mouse, such as Logitech’s own previous in the line, then an upgrade is not an absolute must but rather a guilty pleasure.

Mice whose characteristics include ridiculously high scroll rates one or two thousand DPIthe Boomslangs are the top of the balled market, the proverbial cream of the crap. I like the feel of the Explorer 3. Which is not quite how mouse manufacturers want to shift their product. If you’ve already got a working optical mouse, though, there’s not much reason mousejan upgrade to this one.

I picked that puppy up and burned some retina, baby. So, if you’re in the business of making optical mouses and you’d like to actually sell them, rather than give ’em away for free, there are two ways you can go.