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I sure hope it’s something stupid I’m overlooking and not a new version of the mouse which will no longer work. Why is the hid loading when I’ve taken it out? After some searching, I found a site that codes Linux drivers for these devices, and directed him to it. There are minor code changes. I ignore everything before that but maybe I shouldn’t.

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After Installation is complete, you will need to reboot.

Follow Blog via Email Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Logitech Mediaplay Cordless mouse in Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex Hey, for those of who who wanna get ur Logitech mediaplay cordless mouse working with intrepid and amarok, follow this guide: March 3rd, 2. The normal mouse buttons are recognized as you would expect button 1 – 7.

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Logitech Devices on Ubuntu Linux (and others) |

Join Date Jun Beans 2. MediaPlay Buttons not working I was attempting to fix the scroll problem in firefox and suddenly my mediaplaybuttons stopped working. All comments Recent comments 12 Nov Outdoor daytime photo of a bridge at a park during fall.


Different keycodes I hope you’re still monitoring this. This time, a clothing zipper. Download the Logitech Mediaplay cordless mouse drivers from here 2. What might this be?

Download File List – Logitech MediaPlay Cordless Mouse USB Linux driver – OSDN

There are minor code changes. Having a mouse that will be able to function as a remote will radically change my desktop media experience. After testing, he came up with a set of instructions originally posted at another site and I have rewritten them here in olgitech [hopefully] more accurate process.

And thank you so very much for putting up such a good page.

Logitech MediaPlay Cordless Mouse USB Linux driver

So I did a dmesg and sure enough it was. Now is where things get weird. Assuming your keyboard has multimedia keys, it’s a pretty straightforward process. This entry was posted on June 27, But my external keyboard stop working. The new page looks great and definitely makes setup clearer for non-gurus.

That led me to believe I was dealing with the usbhid grabbing the mouse. Very simple and work great! This release adds support for the 2. My dmesg line gives me the path where I installed your module from the original tarball and does recognize the mouse.


I’m guessing the last two quads are unimportant mousr this part, because the only thing that changes is pressed to released no matter which button I press. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Freecode is a BIZX service.

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For user who use other USB peripheral, watch out when you delete lines with usbhid. My keycodes from the hexdump don’t match up with yours. I should also specify that I do not use the cabled receiver part, as I have a hub just inches away from the mouse, and so plug the usb adapter directly into that.

I ignore everything before that but maybe I shouldn’t.