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The following information is taken from the x If X10 should share the info I’ll make the effort to take advantage of it. If you own X10 devices, then like me you were probably excited about the prospect of using the cm15a without going through the procedures below. Friday August 31, The default location for the Apache file-tree on my Ubuntu installation was found here:.

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After you have installed Ubuntu Server Edition, you may not be savvy with a command line interface for operating the system. Note that ‘1F E0’ is 32 bytes short of 8K.

X10/USB – Debian Wiki

Save the file and close the GEdit application. I use the sudo command a lot in the Terminal, go here to find out what sudo does, and means. Unfortunately this also makes it very hard for our iPHC web-interface running on Apache, to access and use the cm15ademo controller application we compiled earlier.

Look for the CM15A entry and will have X10 in the description.

Only users that are administrators can temporarily operate as a super user also known as the root user and access and run anything. Last edited by WfromL ; July 29th, Holy smokes it worked!

I will toss another voice that information about the full protocal of the CM15A would be nice so that the Linux community can continue to develop with newer tech. The problem is that cm155a is known to take a huge performance hit on the system being up to 25 percent slower. If this command asks you to enter the password as it did with installing the GUI for Ubuntuthen enter it.


CM15A – LinuxMCE

Hardware Power Line Control X Below that will be the Device Category drop down. So I added a module directly in the database using phpmyadmin. Created by the Community, for the Community. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

Neil Cherry – c1m5a profile Date: Was the base housecode of the CM15A set to “J”? At this point either a quick reload router can be done and then set up the device manually or a little bit more can be done to the device template to make the CM15A plug and play.

I don’t know if it’s an error or belongs there programmed part? There is still a problem though, in the packages dropdown box obexftp is listed. There are lots on linux users that are waiting expectantly for the cm15a drivers.

Guide: Web-based control of X10 Home Automation (CM15A) on Ubuntu Linux

In the Device Category drop down box, Interfaces — Specialized 97 should mc15a the selection shown. Address not Found Any ideas? This is a great tutorial. The template creation window will close leaving the device template window open.



Basically, I use 4 calls cm51a the sample application – Acquire the interface, release the interface, read data from the interface, and write data to the interface. If Plug and Play is desired perform then perform the task in the next paragraph then click Save and then click Close.

If you search through some of liunx posts you’ll see that I’ve been in contact with X10 on the very subject both development and marketing.

The only forum that I have seen “X10 Pro” on recently is General. To set up the interface manually, click on the Interfaces link from the Wizard links on the left of the page. I was in the middle of hacking mine to improve it but never finished and moved away to a completely different lighting automation solution altogether. Sorry, I meant the following: The above is what llinux returned from the AHP software.

ActiveX Control not installed. I’m growing tired of not getting any info but I need to support the community so my main efforts are going into developing around other PLCs.