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I’m running rsync in daemon mode. Don’t skip this step, because setting up the account gives you a Web site typically with a URL of the form yourhipservname. Since I was using my XP laptop, I used the EDmini name, connected to the device with my web browser, and was greeted with a configuration screen. The combination of LaCie’s hardware and Axentra’s software is good if you want a cheap media-serving and Web-sharing solution, but not so good for those wanting fast performance, data redundancy, and tighter integration with Windows. This is where you’ll need to decide what’s important to you.

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Installation process is rough.

Performance – NAS mode Page 6: Next, set up the administrator information. Also, disable any anti-virus and anti-spyware software. The installation is automated, and when completed, a window will appear noting its completion.

Review: LaCie Ethernet Disk mini

Some users may not realize that the account sign-up is for more than marketing purposes and may opt out, thus unwittingly forgoing their ability to get to the NAS when away from home. The Playstation 3 reports ‘unsupported format’ for some files after updating firmware. Unable to assign active directory permissions.

Etherhet newer home routers have this feature built lzcie, but if you’re working on a five- or six-year-old one, you’ll certainly need a firmware upgrade and possibly a whole new router.


That aluminum block comes right off, you will end up holding it in place as you reassemble.

LaCie Ethernet Disk mini Home Edition Storage Devices – Review – PCMag UK

All except for HTTP can be disabled altogether if desired. To install the optional desktop applications, click Step 2. Subscribe to our newsletter.

While this isn’t ideal, it at least gives options to users who need support for files over 2 GB. Just so you don’t think I’m a total curmudgeon, I like that this runs cool without making noise.

I downloaded all the GPL materials from LaCie, which is pretty much just the original packages they started with and none of lacje modifications required to build. Oh, and mark the front and top of the case, it is important when reassembling. The fan was about as audible as the hard drive noise itself.

The product key is the 16 digit number on the back of the drive. It may be more information than a normal user would want to see, but for me it confirmed the inner workings of the box, which I’ll describe later. Eventually, a license agreement dizk will appear.

LaCie Ethernet Disk mini Home Edition

Again, the process functions, but LaCie needs to do more work to make the setup simple enough for the home NAS ehhernet. To get around this limitation, the mini allows you to reformat the disk with a Linux ext3 filesystem that supports larger files, albeit with reduced portability.


Performance – USB mode.

Admar Schoonen has taken his Lacie Edmini even further: Diek hassles aside, once you get up and running, the HipServ software actually provides a good user interface. It is a nightmare for cross compiling and I suspect there is bug in the OpenSSL functions used for the MAC sequence checking on this processor and software build. This email address will receive all error reports and news of updates.

We review products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. Still, if you’re lacue on serving lots of video from this box, you may be disappointed at the performance. And once you are comfortable with dropbear and aren’t going to break access, get rid of that CGI. Disk Formatting To get around this limitation, the mini allows you to reformat the disk with a Linux ext3 filesystem that supports larger files, albeit with reduced portability.

When finished, click next. So I laxie and used dropbear instead. Fix anything you need with that.