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Since everybody’s ear canals are different, the Image comes with five sizes and types of Contour Ear Gels. Klipsch Image X10 reviews. Not boomy or bloated like Klipsch’s lower end IEMs. It’s also possible to convert the plug to a 0. On do the cable is pretty much your standard cable that most IEM’s have with the plasticy feel to them. A few foams would be good, but the earphones are already comfortable and isolate very well. Pros – Great sound, tiny, like the look.

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A few foams would be good, but the earphones are already comfortable and isolate very well. I tried these out in-store, and thought they have a very smooth sound with nice mids, but too much mid- bass.

What Hi-Fi?

Moo on March 25, 3: It seems reasonable, then, that if any company was to overthrow the Image X10s, it might just as well be Klipsch itself. They are very comfortable, but they stick out from my ears when I wear them, so you can look a bit funny. The Klipsch X10s have bass extension to die for. Very clean and impactful bass, warm and smooth mids and highs along with a very well rounded soundstage makes these a very nice bargain imo, so if that sounds like something you’d like I say don’t hesitate to get a pair.

They are able to offer meaningful tonal and textural variation to instruments even on a packed soundstage — and they can marshal a soundstage confidently too, as a matter of fact.


Headphone Reviews and Discussion – Head-Fi. On the other hand, the price of the X10 has come way down, roughly one fifth of the IE The copper housings feel very solid, but the rubber strain reliefs are too soft and prone to splitting.

By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. These things fit me perfectly with the Klipsch patented oval shaped tips that I’ve also found to be some of the best fitting and isolating tips you can get.

By sealing off your ear, in-ear headphones offer a imge of passive noise-cancellation.

With foams, they have fantastic isolation that rivals NC headphones during flights, though comfort is partly compromised. IxelingSep 28, This item doesn’t belong on this page. They have feather weight housings coupled with a very lightweight and supple cable that makes for easy wear. Best Selling in Headphones See all. From their launch, the Klipsch Image X10 in-ears were our premium in-ear headphones of choice — other contenders came along in that time, and all found themselves dashed, to a imaeg or greater extent, on the rocks of the Klipsches’ unshakeable poise, fearsome attack and vanishingly small dimensions.

Cons – Nothing really, pressure on ears feels weird. In life you normally get what you pay for.


Klipsch Image X10 In-Ear Stereo Headphones IMAGE X10 B&H Photo

The jack has the gold plating with the same kind of strain relief as on the housing. Ive noticed with listening tests that IEMs do a better job recreating a binaural experience than open back headphones, at least for me. If you enjoyed this review, please have a look at my website for more just like it: They still sound very good with a quite laid back but rich signature.

And then you can throw some squaretrade-like coverage like that 2-year protection plan on top of that if you feel like it. The seamless rubber strain reliefs are very soft and seem well designed to absorb stress. Smallest Earphones Available Klipsch earphones are the smallest earphones in the world. The cable is microphone can. Pros – Amazing bass, nice smooth highs, small, very comfortable, block out lot of noise. The nozzles are ridged and hold the tips well, they allow the tips to rotate a bit for an optimal fit.

You can also subscribe without commenting. Click here to see DivineCurrent’s full review One channel crapped klipsxh, most likely because of the terrible cable. Orange In-Ear Only Headphones.