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When movement is detected, recording begins automatically. If so, turn off the mute. The Joybook is configured to use the power saving feature. Opens a folder where you can play the stored files. However, at the maximum volume, there were some distortions.

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Thanks to our partners of Notebookcheck Polen, who reviewed this notebook. It will also help to joybbook problems associated with spooling print job. Left touchpad button Equivalent to the left button of an optional external mouse. On the Advanced settings tab, double-click Power buttons and lid to expand this category.

Right-click the hard drive icon and then select Properties.

BenQ Joybook S31VE User Guide

For power-saving, the default setting is Disabled. The programs removed from the Startup folder will no longer run when Windows starts. However, we would still recommend that you back up your data regularly on CDs, DVDs or other storage media, since the anti-virus software may not be able to intercept all existing and new viruses, which may lead to destruction of all or some of your data in the Joybook.

When closing the computer, do not use excessive force.

Plug the other end to the audio input socket of the external device. Right-click on the Bluetooth icon in the notification area located at the lower right corner of the desktop, and then click Add a Bluetooth S1ve to launch the wizard. When movement is detected, recording begins automatically.


BenQ Joybook S31ve-103 13.3″ Laptop Intel Celeron 2gb RAM 80gb HDD DVD Windows 7

Plug one end of the audio cable to your Joybook earphone output socket. If there is no display on the external monitor after system reboot, connect Joybook to a standard VGA jooybook and wait until you can see things properly on that VGA monitor.

The length of the charging time may depend.

Doing so helps you to avoid unexpected destruction of your precious data in Joybook and keeps your privacy against any unauthorized access from other computers. Do not apply liquid or spray cleaners directly on the Joybook.

What differentiates them from others are small s31ce on their surface by touch.

My computer won’t start up with the battery inserted? Appendix 49 Safety information about the modem Declaration of Conformity Caution For the following equipment: Restoring your Joybook to factory default settings: Please share our article, every link counts!

Please note however that doing so will cause all of your personal data on the hard disk drive to be lost! There are some sensitive parts, which yield under pressure and creak. Switches to Digital radio.

Refer to the illustration below to locate the digit product serial number on the bottom side of your Joybook and write it down. The Scan Disk function checks a hard drive for errors, while the Disk Defragment function takes all the scattered bits of program s31vr and groups them back together 3s1ve the front of the drive.


In addition, you can secure your personal information, block unwanted Web sites, and check e-mail for viruses. If Disk Defragmenter start itself over and over, it means that some hidden background software program is still accessing the hard drive.

BenQ Joybook S31 – External Reviews

The location of the processor is typically underneath the keyboard and since heat rises, the keyboard may slightly get warm. For details, refer to the note above. For details about the RF socket, refer to “Rear view” on page When you first set up your Joybook, you may want to find information about the following topics.

If your Joybook cannot display x31ve at the default resolution, please visit the BenQ web site to download and update the latest Joybook display drivers. In general, if you have connected devices to both the S-Video Out socket and the pin mini D-sub video socket on the Joybook, the S-Video Out socket will be selected in first priority.

Never touch the adapter when your hands or feet are wet. Click Apply and OK to save the scanned channels.