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He rolled BT valiantly on to his shoulders for a 2 count, but he couldnt break the hold and when BT rolled back into the crossface it was over. He has a following and seems more focused than ever. Leaving big Iestyn to catch a beauty of a top rope back elbow from none other than Kenny Williams. God rest ye bad guy Grado. One less new theme to get used to it might have been but his entrance being without the music that helped launch him to stardom was no accident. At times it felt like the a plucky wee scrapper having a pop at the school bully.

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It just felt right. In any case, he’ll always have a special place in my heart just for the wall-walk moonsault. You cannot book Jeff Jarrett on a show and not get him to sing a wee song ffs. Finally down to a one on one fight they exchanged brutal forearms. Maybe go up the top rope and let shootinng crowd give him the ovation he deserved.

For being built like a brick shithouse, Walter is well versed in the submission game and he had BT in trouble with an STF but once again he somehow escaped with all his limbs in tact.

He vows to be better.

Long live the baddies. He has a following and seems more focused than ever. But its one of the top two reasons. He now had the luury of being able to sit back and watch The Square Go unfold to find out who the next contender might be.


Jody Fleisch – Wikipedia

The Kinky Party hit the Teamstone Paldriver but the pin was broken up. Whit does that make The Wee Man? See how far that moonsaulting talent jldy go. It was almost like the reset button had been hit and no one was interested in fucking TNA anymore. Even if that thing is cracking a big plank of musical wood over your napper.

Wrestler Spotlight: Jody Fleisch

Every possible style of wrestling you could call yourself a fan of was on display. His undying allegiance to Joe Hendry and all the hilarity that comes from it is some of the best shit going in the company right now. Viper started out with mad syar and a Viper Driver, sensing that she had to come out swingin before the Irish alliance joined forces to try to take her down.

In Glasgow a straight up heider is one of the most effective ways to teach lessons and that is exactly how BT started this off.

A wee surprise entrance at number He unravelled because a part of him doubted that he could beat Jackie after Barramania, so he avoided ever wrestling him again instead. Piledrifer In Sign Up. A devastating powerslam off the middle rope got the job done.

A Shooting Star Press Piledriver. – THE KING OF KINGS

Davie came in all guns blazing, chucking big fists at Iestyn and mad kicks at Jackie Polo but Ravie Davie is preoccupied to say the least.


Not following simple instructions. It also gave Polo the chance to go line for line in a promo war with one of his heroes. The exact same fate that befell Viper. You could technically have cried it a TLC match early fleisvh as all 4 things tables, ladder, chairs and healthy supply of moxy required to make that a thing were involved.

It made Davie look like the fuckin top boy. As any man with half a brain should be if the guy standing opposite him with the intention of aiming kicks at his face is known as The Poledriver. The bruiser who moves like a cruiser. On the evidence of this match, the bold move has paid off.

Just a couple of veterans from opposite sides of the world, in the middle of Glasgow, having a belter of a match. Fleisch went on to be a part of the 1 Pro Wrestling roster and become one half its tag team champions with long-time rival and friend Jonny Storm.

No third year in a row in the final two for big Wolfy but he did make himself a powerful enemy.

After all, Kid Fite wanted to be somewhat fresh for his big match with the big import on Night Two so it was time to wrap this up.