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But once you start to crank up the volume I could hear major flaws in the way the bass sounded. Simply Exellent – With the exprience, you do again this choice? It wasn’t a problem for them, it wasn’t a concert!! Of course, considering the output power of the speakers, the hum noise might seem unimportant to the audience! They are a great choice for small systems. Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. If your speakers arent loud enough it just makes you look bad and your brand.

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JBL Jrx 2-way Sound Reinforcement Speaker JRX | eBay

They are also very well built. Ubl review was originally published on http: I had many but not all Hi-Fi speaker pro and I’m really surprised at how enjoyable quality and precision of these speakers!

I knew the jrxand I did not think that with the we had such a good report. Other then jrx15 they are great for the price. It was in early June that I decided my old PA speakers would cut it anymore.

I took a trip jex115 to my local guitar center where I took a listen to them. These speakers are very loud and have great bass responce.


I have even tried them with several different mixers, but no matter what mixer or style of music I played it still was not to my liking. I tell you this is good, I bought two in Matthew-Production at the same time as the Fand I sound good prices I love that it’s ubl andthe quality sound that can give this box no comparison with anything in the same price I referrer so that choice.

But with the style of music that I partake in dance, techno, hiphop and pretty much jhl upbeat these just would not satisfy me. I felt like they dropped the ball with the low end on these speakers. I almost got back what I paid for them so I was happy with it. They have been holding up so far. I was very impressed when I took them out to my first show.

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Buy you do not regrtterai! The drivers are very well made too. They seemed to fit what I needed. So I decided to buy them. The bass is very punchy and thorws very well. They were just what I needed. But they arent as heavy as they look, the heaviness was not an issue at all, they are just bigger than expected.

I kept these speakers for no more than 90 days then could not return them to the store so I had to sell them on Ebay. What I like least: Of course, considering the output power of the speakers, the hum irx115 might seem unimportant to the audience!


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With experience, you do again this choice? They seem to be very well built. How long have you been using? Quality, The report for money, which knocks the low power and disengage for the w the least: They have been good to me so far. It’s important to describe the whole setup used with the jgl.

You must play to have the right monitors for the right situations.

Sort by most recent most useful. Because I know you can get a good sound with it the only thing I didn’t know was the mixer. This was very upsetting to me because I am a huge fan of JBL speakers and live sound equipment. They also have very crisp highs.

If your speakers arent loud enough it just makes you look bad and your brand.