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Our jams and color issues vanished. Can the user access the remote desktop application on the controller via network? The starch they use in digital papers are friendly though. Switch is the only one I could find for the IC controller, but I do not know if that will cover the other controllers or not, no mention in SSD. We made 2 demands of Ikon and one concession that have paid great dividends for us.

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Yes, my password is: Its made a huge difference.

Ikon CPP (BH C) not seeing fiery

What we had to change was our paper. I have the manuals for the CPP and believe it is cppp switch that needs to turned on. So the techs were not trained yet on the machine or its features. This couldn’t be farther from the truth. There was a company in my city that, I might add, is no longer in business that did the same exact business as we do and experienced cpp same exact problems. We have had problems from the day that they assembled it.

We installed some firmer guide hardware that our tech came up with and its solved a huge number of our registration issues.


First we installed the first CCP in the Carolinas and went through the usual learning curve with the service techs. Does that sound right? I have never heard printr a Oce.

The time now is We were running a 10pt Kromekote. No, create an account now. As far as the coated paper causing problems with the fuser, Ive always been told to avoid offset coated papers. We went from daily service calls to per month. Together, we can form a mighty fist. I need the proprietary software to install on the Fiery That was the guy we wanted cause his personal view was replace the part instead of limp it along.

You must log in or sign up to reply here. Further to this, the fiery may need patches, which can only be done effectively through a RD session, as well as internet access for the fiery to download the new patches, which may be all it needs. If you dont set the paper weight and speed correctly you will be fighting with registering all day.

Oh and last week we had another board go bad so that makes three, are tech said we were the only one in the country that this has happened to?

We have been using the for over a year.

Ikon CPP 650

Then about four months after that the board in the went out again. We switched to a 12pt Carolina Coated. I won’t be pcp with Ikon for other reasons but overall I’ve been nothing but impressed with this box. I will not answer requests or questions there. I would also check the interface cable and VIF card it plugs into on the engine.


Now I am looking forward to adding a 2nd and 3rd unit as we continue to grow and I am very excited about the HC unit. That is, was it sold WITH the printer, and not added on from a third source?

Noticed trey 4 had alot of problems with keeping registered and not jamming while in transfer. We kion have two years on our lease so we are stuck.

Ikon Cpp Printer | eBay

A customer from out of town bought this unit here in Phoenix. Any remaining registration issues were easily resolved in the fiery image adjustments and the machine just ran better. Only use color copier digital papers as far as coated papers.