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I would like to be connected. I love the Switch Mouse because it does help to reduce wrist strain. We are so excited that the weekend is finally here! With its angled design, this mouse limits the amount of pronation palm down postures that can be the root cause of some peoples ergonomic symptoms. As opposed to a wheel scroll, you must press a button to navigate the scroll function. My only complaint is it does not allow for precision doing Graphic Design, so I use a conventional mouse for that.

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Switch Mouse

Why would you want to have a mouse that can be used with either the left or right humansdale This design makes it incredible useful to use in a multi-user workstation.

The team also regularly collaborates on swtich with acclaimed industry figures. I noticed right from Day 1 the lack of wrist fatigue as well as a lack of cramping in my index finger. If authorized, return instructions will be provided. I greatly prefer, and recommend, the comfort and ergonomic benefits of the Switch Mouse. Ergonomic Consulting Services What is Ergonomics?

The peripheral uumanscale, including a Humanscle based and four-way scrolling dish, reduces injury risks among computer users. Plus, it is the only mousing solution that accommodates both left and right handed users while being adjustable in size. For instance, some of my past clients have found this mouse to be beneficial at reducing some symptoms associated with Tennis Elbow Lateral Epicondylitis.


My only complaint is it does not allow for precision doing Graphic Design, so I use a conventional mouse for that. Last week we reviewed the Evoluent Mouse.

But, a word of caution: These best-selling models are available for faster delivery. Helped with my soreness. The Humanscale Switch Mouse may be attractive for those who find a vertical mouse 90 degree mouse too extreme, but at the same time find that the conventional mouse design does not work for them either.

To remove dust wipe thoroughly with a soft cloth or vacuum.

A holistic approach is taken to ergonomics, with the user experience and interaction with the product front of mind. We swiych so excited that the weekend is finally here!

One of the Best Mouse in the Market. Switching between hands reduces the accumulated and long-term strain that would otherwise occur in just one arm. Please send me updates about new products and Humanscale specials. Many hand sswitch wrist injuries can be attributed to long-term mouse use.

The tilted angle of the Switch Mouse, created by the V-shaped bottom of the device, positions the wrist and forearm at a degree angle — a natural pronation known to minimize pressure in the carpal tunnel. Credit is only issued to products in resalable condition. If you would be interested in humanscal like this, then please leave mousf comment below or subscribe to our newsletter! This, as well as other points will be discussed below!


Highly Recommended for Data Entry. By using this website you consent to the use of cookies. The Switch Mouse is length adjustable to fit hands of nearly any size. Please click here for more information. Evoluent Mouse Friendly Keyboard ergonomicshelp.

Switch Mouse | Ergonomic Accessories from Humanscale

Created in consultation with the Humanscale ergonomics team, the Switch Mouse features new ergonomic design innovations, including the V-shaped base and patented size adjustability feature.

I was having the beginning stages of carpal Tunnel and it is now on the mend. This week we will be reviewing the Humanscale Switch Mouse. The Switch Mouse uses the latest ergonomics research to minimize health risks associated with long-term mouse use by offering an integrated palm support to prevent wrist anchoring.