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There could be several different areas and possibilities that may be causing that error condition. Now it will not print anything in black and just barely in majenta. Printer Media Media Load Type. When this happens, I’m forced to let the bad print job run its course, which takes lots of paper and ink as it tries to figure out what to do with printer codes for a different printer we do recycle paper from the last bogus job. And none of the other choices are compatible with an old printer like the C. You should be able to find your printer model and operating system.

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Try taking out the cartridge and dunking the print head in hot water. I’ve tested it with color bars and the other two colors work fine. See info page at ” http: I have color selected when I print and it is not working. Any suggestions will be appreciated.

I turn it back on and just the loud grinding noise happens and it tells me I prinrer a problem, also when I go into the printer queue, it tells me there are no jobs queued, so I can’t purge.


Can anyone help me?

HP c Ink | Deskjet c Ink Cartridges

I can’t test because they are orinter now You can then download the latest drivers. I have tried restarting the print spooler. If the test print is coming from the computer, can you print from any other other program?

Printer will print text only in tiny compressed characters – maybe only 4 or 6 pt. Unplug the printer from the computer. You should be able to find your printer model and operating system.

Parlean Kearney – Anonymous. Your only option if possible in your program is to adjust the top margin to equal the bottom margin. You should see all of the colors three-color cartridge: The driver that is selected is a default driver in the Mac and starts with a G and even after prunter drivers from the hp website the default driver is the only option available for the model in the selection box. Bose, Sony, Sennheiser and Jaybird Here’s a selection of the best headphone shopping values this holiday season.

Anyone have a clue?

Printer Repair Questions

It will only print on the very first inches of the page and I am talking pages. I can print a document off Word, but not on the internet. Some pages print and some hp821c out blank. I have an HP Deskjet C.


hp deskjet 812c

If you can’t solve the problem, repost with more details, hp812f. Riffling the edges can put a static charge on the paper, refer to previous paragraph if you have an urge to riffle.

One pad soaked with rubber restorer, enough to fix several printers and simple directions for use. Thanks in advance for your help! Clean them with water, or: I also contacted HP online support emailthey thought it was my ink cartridge as it is throwing error code and is still showing this error but that was not the problem. They’re obsolete as soon as you buy them anyway. This is more than just a coincidence and points to a problem on my Compaq Presario series laptop. Remove the T10 Torx head screw on the top of the right cover.

Turn the larger gear to free the carriage. All depends on the project you have it doing. What kind of a scam is HP running?

Thanks for yor help.