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The DatabaseMetadata method does not report any results. Samples The following samples are provided with the Type 4 Driver. See Connection Pooling for more information. Patterns in the Logging File Name Patterns are strings that include special components that are replaced at runtime. Page 97 exceptions using the throw keyword and handle exceptions using try , catch , and finally blocks. Please check with your authorized HP NonStop systems representative to make sure you have the most recent information.

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Black Duck Software, Incorporated More information.

Evaluate the nontsop value from the getCause method on the Exception to determine the appropriate recovery action. The setObject method does not set a value for the designated parameter.

JDBC drivers for Tandem HP NonStop

A run-time version of a table has a different redefinition timestamp than the compile-time version of the same table. Page 25 the pooled connection, and not a new physical ph. Warranty The material contained in this document is provided “as is,” and. For each schema, you must either own the schema or be thesuper ID. If multiple statements are nonsfop on different threads in a single connection, statement objects are serialized to prevent data corruption. The following patterns can be used to specify T4LogFile: Report the entire message to your service provider.


Page 97 exceptions using the throw keyword and handle exceptions using trycatchand finally blocks.

Integrating the HP NonStop JDBC Type 4 Driver With JBoss

Logger classand names the logger com. Learn more including how to update your settings here. Also, the administrator should avoid setting high values for the reserveDataLocators for example in the range of trillions or so. When this string is empty, connection pooling is used by default with the pool size determined by the maxpoolsize property and minpoolsize property of the basic DataSource object. Copyright Hewlett-Packard Development More information.

An ellipsis immediately following a single syntax item indicates that you can repeat that syntax item any number of times.

The information contained herein is subject to change without notice. Statement pooling is done completely transparent to the application.

The Java HotSpot virtual machine is a run-time environment that features an adaptive compiler that dynamically optimizesthe performance of running applications. The other option is to increase the physical memory per processor to reduce swapping.

Nothing herein should be construed as constituting an additional warranty. This implementation contrasts to the basic DataSource object implementation, where a one-to-one correspondence exists between client Connection object and the physical database connection. Page 39 networkTimeout PropertyThe networkTimeout property sets a time limit that the driver waits for a reply from the database server.


The entire sample code is in the bank subdirectory. This document assumes you are already familiar with: Page 72 Invalid cursor stateCause. Client-Side PropertiesServer-Side PropertiesType 4 driver properties that effect client-side operations and server-side are summarized in the following tables.

StringDefault file name is defined jdgc the following pattern: Setting up the database Before you can deploy the application, you need a viable database for it to run against. Adding a trigger can affect up to three schemas.

Integrating the HP NonStop JDBC Type 4 Driver With JBoss

When the application is finished using the connection object, that object is returned to the pool and made available for future requests. The ResultSet method was called when the connection was closed.

Set connection timeout to appropriate value. T4LogFile Sets the name of the logging file for the Type 4 driver.