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A device selection windowis displayed showing the devices connected to the current adapter. A hot spare diskmodule does not participate in an array. For instructions on using thisselection, see “Using Easy Configuration” in this chapter. Thelogical drive can occupy space in up to four arrays. The logical drive configurationwindow appears, as shown below:

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Initializes one or nertaid logical drives. Initialize the logical drives you have just configured. You return to the main menu. Pulled from original machine and visually inspected for defects. Write-Back is efficient because anentry may be written many times in the cache without a diskaccess.

HP NetRAID 1Si Controller User Manual

This parameter specifies the size of the segment written toeach disk in a RAID logical drive. Changes the status of the physical drive: It is important to know the difference between these two terms.

Use the balance for auser volume. Displays the contents of the View Log File, which recordsadapter activities and conditions such as battery backup charge, logicaldrive properties, and changes to configurations along with the date andtime changes are made.


After scanning has finished, press Esc. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Select all the Ready physical drives that you want to put into the newarray. To format a hard drive, select Format, then select the drive you want to formatfrom the drives listed. After selectingyour adapter, the following submenu is displayed.

Select one or more hot spares. If you have more than one adapter, select the adapter for which you want tochange the PFS setting. You can set this parameter to Normal, Read-Ahead,or Adaptive.

HP D NetRAID 1si PCI Lvd/se SCSI RAID Card | eBay

This is the default setting. All menu selections that would change theconfiguration are inactive. NOTECheck Consistency might fail if the 1so could notcomplete parity and data writes due to a power failure or asystem hang, or if the logical drive degraded or failed when aphysical drives went offline. You typically must format a diskonly if: If “Dynamic” is 1sii, the logical drive is in Dynamic DiskMode, and you cannot expand capacity online as described inthis section.

The “off” amount and percentage simply signifies the calculated difference between the seller-provided price for the item elsewhere and the seller’s price on eBay. Participating disk modules are being rebuilt.


Press F10 and type Yes at the confirmation prompt. Choose Adapter from the Tools Management menu. Parameters with default values and functions that are not shared by each of theseutilities are listed in the Table See”Reconstructing Data” in this chapter for more information.

You canset the write policy to Write-Back or Write-Through. When you are finished defining the current logical drive, highlight Acceptand press Enter. Page GlossaryRebuild Rate: The price may be the seller’s own price elsewhere or another seller’s price.

HP NetRAID 1Si – storage controller (RAID) – Ultra2 Wide SCSI – PCI Series

The number of physical drives in an arraydetermines the RAID levels that can be implemented with the hpp. This parameter identifies the read cache mode duringdata transfers involving the current logical drive. The available RAID levels for the current logical drive appear. Individual InitializationTo initialize one logical drive, perform the following steps: