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BT software works on Linux. Screen Size see all. Now you can see that there are 2 new files: Also, if the battery in the M is dead, you can power it via USB, even while using Bluetooth connectivity. Views Read View source View history. You can check the version when you display the “Setting” page.

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Obtain the beta version of gpsbabel and type:. When the Ni-MH cell is nearly depleted, connect the M with the cell still inside to a USB power-only adapter no data wires and bolux may begin to get recharged slowly.

Holux USB Car GPS Units for sale | eBay

Frequent activation of the backlight will shorten battery life. The M can log GPS points for up to 12 hours with one alkaline AA cell recommended at room temperature, 10 hours at high temperature or 2 hours at low temperature. I just leave the unit connected some hours and it has not needed a fresh battery for many weeks now.

The Holux ezTour software that you can download at http: Have your computer search for Bluetooth devices. Default logging of speed is added, and the internal binary logging format is changed from 16 to 20 bytes per log point, to allow 4 bytes for the speed.


Firmware updates are available from the manufacturer: The links are taken from a post in the [ http: Dimensions are 64mm x 42mm x 17mm and weighs 53g including 22g battery.

One can charge Ni-MH batteries even with remaining charge, without risk of “memory effect”.

See Software hacksbelow. For a source of ideas of what commands you can send, you can look into the BT source code. In other languages Add links. Logging these parameters requires hoolux significant share of the device’s memory and reduces the capacity of points that can be logged.

This firmware requires GPSBabel 1.

We will provide a form for you to fill out. See instructions with screenshots. Guaranteed 3 day delivery.

Holux RCV-3000

If one expects to be inundated or to use it sub the rain, it should be enclosed in a waterproof plastic container, a zip-closure polyethylene freezer bag, or a zip-closure vinyl envelope designed for electronics. You can see that Bluetooth connection to this device are ready when you can see uxb blue LED on the device case is blinking. If you are not running bash as your shell, you need to modify the scripts, so that the first line reads:. To download the tracks with GPSBabel:.


But, as a workaround, for this missing feature, you can use OSMTracker Android that can get Holud data from your Holux device and log them on your Android device and when you are at a waypoint, you can select a waypoint type school, bus stop, etc.

Holux M – OpenStreetMap Wiki

They were all either mounted to the dash board or rear deck in SUV’s with velcro. There is a how-to, Holux M and Arch Linux Archived onbut hholux that the gpsbabel command-line provided there is not correct anymore. To download tracks and waypoints, use mtkbabelmaking sure you have at least version 0.

In the device case, you have a little hole for a wrist lanyard. Screen Size see all. For low use it can run over a year without any problems.

I noticed that the unit will break after “a few falls”. In other languages Add links.

The unit can start logging after switching power On. Can not test it.