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Skip to main content. Guaranteed by Fri, Jan 4. HP Digital Cameras Photosmart What we missed in our reading of the manual and had to be politely pointed out to us by the HP tech support staff is that the C20 is by default a fixed-focus camera, but one that has an autofocus option. What’s unique is that the camera handles switching between normal and macro without operator intervention. Record Mode Record-mode controls include the frequently-used functions accessible via the top-panel push buttons, as well as the menu-based items accessed via the LCD.

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A circular, rainbow-hued color control lets you adjust the overall color cast of an image very easily and interactively. HP’s PhotoSmart System is just that, a system intended to bring truly high-quality digital photography to the consumer.

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The exclusive page-layout features allow you to use paper efficiently by printing multiple photographs on the same sheet of paper. There’s one additional wrinkle that HP threw in though, that makes the program especially valuable: The conversion of an assortment of randomly-exposed images into a set of presentable hard-copy prints. You can then print an index print of all their photos for easy viewing and selection – all within 45 minutes of opening the box.

The color tools are similarly intuitive: Our one quibble with this feature though, is that it’s buried on the back-panel menu system, rather than being readily available via the external pushbutton controls.

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Downoads via the PC slot take seconds, as compared to minutes for serial-cable transfers. The slide show function itself limits you to the fixed time interval programmed into the camera. To crank out a batch of prints, simply point the application at a folder on your hard disk or at the camera itself containing the images you’re interested in.


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You may also like. What we missed in our reading of the manual and had to be politely pointed out to us by the HP tech support staff is that the C20 is by default a fixed-focus camera, but one that has an autofocus option.

HP PhotoSmart C30 1.0MP Digital Camera – Silver

This combination hewlettt controls makes it easy to request multiple copies of different images, with different sizes chosen for each image. HP PhotoSmart C20 1. HP also listened to consumer demands and put an LCD screen in the back and kept the oprical viewfinder. A nice feature of the C20’s interface software is that it provides a significant degree of automation: By contrast though, the cell voltage stays more or less constant throughout the battery’s charge life, only dropping off sharply at the very end of the charge.

HP PhotoSmart C20 MP Digital Camera – Silver | eBay

On the other hand, we found that it fit our hands well, making for steadier shooting. The exposure adjustment isn’t interactive at all though, despite the fact that it shows a portion of the last viewfinder scene on the LCD panel while you’re making the adjustment. The flash did work reasonably well up to the closest focus distance though, successfully throttling-back its output enough for all but photosmzrt lightest subjects.


Please provide a valid price range. In normal operating mode, the C20 cycles fairly quickly, and is ready to take the next picture about 8 seconds after the previous one in cakera highest resolution mode.

HP PhotoSmart C20 1.0 MP Digital Camera – Silver

We found the image-adjustment tools to be easy and flexible to work with. Finally, if you want to make individual adjustments to the images for color, tone, cropping, etcthe process can become laborious in the extreme.

hewkett This is a very broad range, but in actual use, we found we could achieve entirely adequate exposures at light levels as low as EV ! When you scroll past the end of the 9 images shown on the screen, the camera will display a fresh set of 9 on the screen for you to select from.

Conclusion We confess that at first approach, the very simple user interface of the C20 led us to not expect a great deal from the camera: Standard features include both optical and LCD viewfinders, an all-glass variable-aperture lens with a 35mm equivalent focal length, and a four-mode built-in flash.

Data can also be downloaded from the camera via a standard serial interface, at a maximum speed of Kbaud. Bundles that include this product. PhotoSmart C20 First mentioned: PhotoSmart C20 provides home consumers with everything they need to take real photographs.