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Thats why i need more info about the hddhackr. When someone decides to dump their gb hdd and share the hddss. Jul 14, Messages: Again this should only take 1 or 2 seconds to complete. May 16, Messages: I have added a link in the FAQ at the bottom of my tutorial.

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Mar 10, Messages: I hope this tutorial helped, remember to see here FIRST as that is the safest method for modifying your hard drive.

Dec 2, Messages: If you open the gb hddss. Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. Hddhqckr there some step that I’m missing for the xbox slim to detect the drive?? This may allow you to use a non Western Digital hard drive in your So to solve the prob with writing to this hdd i need some help from the coder of the hddhackr.

60gb for fujitsu – iXtreme LT+

I also used the same computer back then. Team Xecuter Archive Top.


Yes you can just shut your PC down from there. Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. I have successfully done this to a Seagate model recently with no issues whatsoever. I’ll try to get that Halo 2 fix up before I go to bed too.

How To Flash a Fujitsu GB with – NextGenUpdate

Click OK to create your undo. Personal tools Log in. If I undo I go back to my previous serial number, so that’s good news, but No way to put the right serial into 75V0TT0. HarcroftMay 23, BIN that is used in the linked tutorial to fijitsu into Sector Please give it a try though, even just to test backing up your hddss.

I opened the backup file I made in Hex Workshop, as you can see it’s originally from a Hitachi drive, but works just fine on my WD drive. Once you are sure you have the right fyjitsu.

Jun 1, Messages: This happens sometimes due to sector 16 being blank and HDDhacker thinking it’s a failure to read, not a blank sector. Thank you very much for showing the possible.


[Xbox 360] How to Flash Your HDDSS.bin in Windows

Again this should only take 1 or 2 seconds to complete. RickDec 2, Your thoughts are right.

The xbox must be rejecting the drive when it sees it as Seagate at boot time. Things you will need: Partition 3 files are extracted from the image and then put back on the new hard drive. KropotovGoshaNov 1, Log in or Sign up.

Dark ScythSep 4, Once you’re all done your drive should look something like this in the Memory menu on your