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User benchmarks for this motherboard 9 of Real-world benchmarks submit by owners of this motherboard. Adding some after market cooling would certainly allow a user to push this board even further. Core2 Quad Q, RX The Intel X38 chipset is finally here, and all of the hype that surrounded it is now able to be tested against other great chipset releases from Intel. Legacy PCI Express 1.

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When it gets down to it, the enthusiast consumer will likely pick a board that is known for its overclocking, or at least will have the potential for it.

Packaging and contents The X38 comes in one of the thickest boxes I have ever seen come from Gigabyte. Don’t fear all the current and MHz chips are supported. These ports are colored orange and purple for the hard of seeing.

We tried everything to get more out of a maximum FSB on behalf of the ram to no avail. And if the features don’t attract you the colorful layout will.

Our testing will be done using this core product listed here: It took years of asking but it’s clear that Gigabyte is listening to its end users. Gigabyte still bases their boards on the traditional bright blue PCB.

The first one is the JMicron each is responsible for two of the port as well as the single IDE controllers.


You can quickly size up your PC, identify hardware problems and explore the best upgrades. High on the list of new features the Intel x38 Express chipset brings to the table is the second generation PCI Express 2. The charts also illustrate overall performance, popularity and rank.

Each of them gigabte based on the new PCIe 2.

UserBenchmark: Gigabyte GA-XDQ6 Compatible Builds

This allows you to connect virtually anything to your computer with plenty of ports to spare! RUS-User, 13 months ago. Overclocking Results When it gets down to it, the enthusiast consumer will likely pick a board that is known for its overclocking, or at least will have the potential for it.

The next chipset on Intel’s product road map is designed specifically for this group, but it should also find its way into the workstation market in a short time. And atop the blue PCB is a show room of slots with full of colors.

This record-breaking program was ported to personal computer environment such as Windows NT and Windows gigabte This is something that has become a big concern with me because I really hate a messy install and the X38 from Gigabyte eliminates that. What is quad core integer speed?

Gigabyte GA-X38-DQ6: An early look at X38

The customizable table below combines these factors to bring you the definitive list of top CPUs. DDR3 gives us the largest amount of bandwidth that we have ever seen.


View this thread in our forums! Surprisingly one thing that Intel is touting with its new X38 Express chipset is its overclocking potential.

The first thing that stands out is the elaborate passive chipset cooling solution Gigabyte equips the motherboard with. Last but not least, Intel has actually released software dubbed Intel Extreme Tuning Utility that allows you to adjust BIOS settings and is rumored to support overclocking features!

An Intel overclocking utility!

Intel’s latest data protection technology provides a recovery point that can be used to quickly recover a system should a hard drive fail or if there is massive data corruption. The back of the board shows that Gigabyte did not skip out on the back as it houses a copper back plate. This basically takes the old version’s bandwidth and doubles it. Onboard goodies include a High Definition Azalia 7.

This makes things so much easier to deal with when building of a new rig. Intel’s new eXtreme Memory Profiles feature automatically adjusts timings and speed of the memory. DEU-User, 19 months ago.