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Anyway I could overcome the issue with authentication. While the i can change the key before i changed 0x I do every thing that you tell amila in March 5th, at That also means that my encryption functions should also be valid if they are matching all the valid encrypted output I have seen on this blog. Following the samples in the forum I was able to get the UID of the desfire card, but no success in the nex steps. Desfire error codes which i am getting is usually 0x9D, 0xA0, 0x1C.

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I tell you that because the CRC16 depends on the change you want to change. Meaning of application masterkey 0X0F: I think i might be interpreting my values of A and B wrong and therefore generating the wrong session key, so could someone please look over this and tell me what the session key from this authentication would gemprod

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I think 90 6a get the AID of a Desfire card. Depending on the configuration of the application key settings and PICC master key settings you determin the behaviour of the desfire card. Compatibility Guide Version 3.


I back to gemptox work at Saturday and tell you the result of of my challenge. What I want is that when the reader detects a new tag to try to authenticate it using the keys that are stores in the SAM module. The 1st command that i send is: I think; should be authenticate with using DES. The two MSB bit7 and bit6 give the operation art.

What problems You have with it? So, what you mean is that if the random numbers are: Thank for your help. If I insert a Thread. Hello i am new here, Please tell me How to load an application on desfire card? Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 Downloads: Those links are not working, this hopefully is gonna: I got a problem about ATS. You can interconnect different files in the same application.

Hi Arvind, 1C means illegal command code and you get this answer when command code is not suppoerted. Hi MustafaI explain correctly what i do: I can change any key with default MasterKey or default ChangeKey keythat means the bit 0 is not 0. Hi Mustafa, i used your code in C ,and C compilers. Not the authentication but the changekey spawns that 0x1E error. This Specification describes the procedures for providing desktop microcomputers, laptop microcomputers, printers.


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If someone were to be monitoring the communication between card and reader, they could use the same B generated by the card every time. OK Gempeox, let mexplain more detailed. I have another question. This is beacause the length of card response is set to 3 bytes instead of 8.

I can surely help you with it.

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In your create std data file command just try using numbers between 0 — 3 for the access rights and i think this should get you through. I can successfully authenticate and create the session key. It still gives me same error 1E. Hi all, Im working on a smart card project, This is my first, so i could im using defire ev1 card, i could connect the card and iv done till creating an application. I can continue my development. Therefore, all the drivers required for the connection and operation of external devices for example, encoders, scanners, printers, etc.