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Byte data are formed of 8 bits, e. Additionally, we wrote a dumper program. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. This section explains how to call some important functions. We omit the UNIX shell prompt and path here. For example, run the following command on the sample MOD17A2. You can typically find the projection you want on spatialreference.

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Having some idea what information is in the hdf file then, we can proceed to read the data in inside Python using the GDAL library:. But I cannot read gdak data inside the files. To be clear, I want to convert longitude into an array, where I can work with the data. As explained in the previous sectionGDALOpen can open a specific object if the first argument indicates one dataset.

A good set of working notes on how to use GDAL has been developed that you will find useful for background reading. Post as a guest Name. But if you are too tolerant, you will get spurious results.

bash – Struggling to compile gdal with hdf4 support – Stack Overflow

Finally, it maps value above to fill value again. HDFStore path print store Printing hsf4 store gives you a list of the series and frames stored in the dataset: For example, we can change Int16 to Byte as follows:.


You might have to use the HDF4 library more directly, or dump out hfd4 with command line utilites. Remember that the mask in a masked array should be False for good data, so we can directly use qa as defined above. They are described as bit combinations:.

The hdf format page includes a great description of the hdf4 data structure but fails to help getting support for gdal. Similarly, we can do a similar thing for Standard Deviation.

Input file size is Input file size is In GDAL, the list of child objects is merely one category of metadata. Your best bet is to install Hdf and Pandas and use the inbuilt HDFStore object to read in the data, which might look something like: I began with the homebrew approach to building gdxl described on the osgeo website.

Please have a look. They are described as bit combinations: The following is a routine that reads all values in the dataset given by the poDataset variable.

HDF4 Hierarchical Data Format Release 4 (HDF4)

If compiler throws an error due to long long type fdal Boost library during libkml compilation, use. For a more in-depth turorial you can read http: It also maps values between and to the same value as the original value. And one last note, the store object can be used as a context manager so it’s closed automatically:. If we want only bit 1, we can perform a bitwise operation with the byte data.


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You can check the range of values in the dataset using the -stats option. Make sure that PROJ. There are many tools for manipulating and reading HDF in python, but we will use one of the more generic tools, gdal here.

HDF4 — Hierarchical Data Format Release 4 (HDF4)

In the previous code, we have seen a way of neatly creating the filenames required by GDAL to access the independent datasets: Now we have to translate the LAI values into meaningful quantities. Please note that the value for Driver is different from Figure 8.

Given you’re on a Windows box it’s easy to download geal install the h4toh5 tools from the HDF group which can be used from the command line with using your example file: You can download the HDF5 file from here.