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The lack of feedback from the system made it difficult to find the problem. Thu Aug 18, 4: Your name or email address: Those cakes make you sick I tell GeForce4 Ti Vertices per Second: Org XInput driver, version 0.

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Also have you tried it hooked up to a different monitor?

Driver ABIT Siluro GF4 Ti for Windows 7

Any graphics card faster than that will allow higher resolutions in older games, but newer games and later will likely not perform their best on a Mhz P3, so I wouldn’t expect a Ultra or Ti SE gaknward really be able to stretch their legs much. See full item description.

I just installed my new laptop, and X lockups are frequent. Last edited by localghost on Tue Aug 23, Module Loader present Markers: The power button is the only way out Using vrefresh range of If you overclock and like Nvidia like me Gainward can’t do you g4fi4800se, they replaced my burned out card no problem. The following are the old cards I have.


At about the same time, regular log-entries like some cron stuff stop occuring. I’ll figure it out. There is no way to revive g44ti4800se system, not even with ssh.

Maybe some are too new or too old? It doesn’t have a label anywhere when i looked at it.

MSI – G4ti 4800se problem

I still get fps depending gainwrad how many people are on screen. Although I have had lockups when my system was idle and no screensaver runningit has never crashed when it had no user process running, like in kdm waiting for me to login.

Originally posted by Immortal aye aye! In fact, it looks like it gainsard less frequently when the system is busy, but that may be just my impression.

Well I changed the hsf of the card The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know. Adding extended input device “Keyboard1” type: Originally posted by Immortal Just a small question.


Sat Aug 20, 6: Inquiring minds want to know Org Font Renderer, version 0. However I feel i’m not getting the max out of my card.

iXBT Labs – HWZ review: MSI G4TiSE-VTD8X MB video card

World’s most popular driver download. Mon Aug 15, 5: Ill add hainward things too. So I have the lockup number 2. For the most “period correct” card, the Geforce 2 MX would be the closest though definitely not the fastest option at the time. Mine was a hardware problem. Also the performance for Counter Strike dropped from constant to Tue Aug 16, 6: