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At this point, I could hear disk chatter from the four drives. I had a problem with my controller setup. Not all my posts there are FreeBSD related. You can even use the Raid Calculator to check the expected size. Hope this helps you. I actually have a which works great in 0.

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Drive order One concern I had early on with multiple disks was did the drive order matter? There are different types of RAID, some allowing mirroring of disks, others allowing for striped disks.

After booting, I found this: The other is in polo, my main FreeBSD box. Our experts are sharing their knowledge with you. I am pulling the trigger and rolling my own FreeNAS box.

Have a look at Thomas-Krenn. After replacing the jumper, all four drives were detected. I could use the filesystem just as before. The first number on the line is the inode number. I have written aaptec about swapping boot disks. After rebooting the first time, I found this problem: When you say the disks are read only Navigation menu Personal tools Create account Log in.


What you should do, is pass individual disks and then use nf4 to create a RaidZ2 array with those adaptef. Thanks for your help. All things being equal, you will get better results that way.

Adaptec – снимаем информацию с RAID-контролера |

Adaptecfrebsd driver 2. Can can be handy when installing, but it can can Really Mess Things Up tm on a live system. If you do, then your card and mobo are talking to each other. Once the installation data has been copied, the system will need a restart.

Install Open Source Firewall pfSense – Thomas-Krenn-Wiki

It is just a matter of time. You want to pass a Raid6 array to ZFS.

Don’t focus on the failed identification of the array. A user-friendly web interface is used to configure the firewall. Joined Aug 17, Messages 13 Thanks 0. Awesome job to everyone involved. I suspect the controller labels the drives in some manner in order to keep track of them.


Joined Aug 12, Messages 6 Thanks 0. Populating the array In this section, I will show you how I duplicated everything from the existing filesystem into the new array. Joined May 28, Messages Thanks However, If you do not go into the controller card’s setup screen at pre-boot stage and set the RAID array, in some cases Freenas has difficulty recognizing the interface. The card is a full length PCI card.

RAID has been around for over 15 years.

Adding driver support for Adaptec RAID 6805

I went to bed and left it to run overnight. I still do it this way because I know the file system will be unused during this process. Can you post the result of camcontrol devlist?