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Reported Installation Success Rate: Thanks for packaging fprint. Time limit is exhausted. I still have the problem that if I start synaptic I don’t see the credential dialog. As mentioned, fprint and Unity have been getting along great until I updated to Trusty.

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Authentec Inc Aes1610 Fingerprint Driver

Thank you David, I’ve managed to get my device working by modifying the upekts driver. January 16th, I have it working fine once I did the scan slower originally when I created the fingerprint image.

However, be warned that, sadly, there is pretty much no upstream activity at the moment. This bug affects 19 people. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.

Strange, are your running the version from the PPA 1: That is sort of a upstream whishlist question tho: Fprintd and all related libraries and tools have been packaged and are ready for being tested.


Time limit is exhausted. Thank you for reporting this bug and we are sorry it devide not be fixed. Documentation for the latest release may take some time to appear there.

Reported Reason for Installation failure: Remove it, use libpam-fprintd from the PPA and follow the instructions from the archive’s description. Luckily I didn’t set it to use just fingerprint, so if it failed to scan properly, I could just give my password.

I don’t have usbfs mounted on my system through fstab.

# – libfprint0: unable to read from AES device as normal user – Debian Bug report logs

Comment 3 Bastien Nocera Great Deals on AuthenTec Inc. Comment 4 Fjodor Abubov This package only installs the AuthenTec fingerprint sensor driver. But purging the package, commenting out my manual changes and running “sudo pam-auth-update –force” brought everything to the desired settings.

Authentec Fingerprint Software, free ae2501 fingerprint software software downloads. So that I don’t have to type in my wifi passwords, etc, after logging with my fingerprint?


Then I try fprintd-enroll: Fingerprint reading in Ubuntu with fprint. I’m running current Lucid. No comments Posted in Uncategorized.

Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct. Posted April 30, However there is an issue with the new Unity lock screen and fprint. I wondered if any of you have a fingerprint scanner on your laptop, and if you’ve attempted to use it under Linux?

Authentec Inc Aes Fingerprint Driver

Bus Device January 2nd, Please tell me if this should be posted upstream. The final product looks like this. This might be related to your hardware as I can’t seem to be able to reproduce it.