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Well as you said YMMV and different people hear different things. Do you know why the cone is gray or what material it’s made from? So there is no warranty either expressed or implied. I would of asked madisound to stock like feesr esr. To me these look like new, and sound better than new because they’re now completely broken-in. He told me to expect very similar performance to my previous FEES-R drivers but with better, tighter slightly more powerful bass, cleaner, more balanced frequency reproduction with no treble shout! In the end if I have to have different cabinets built down the road I will but, I cannot afford to do so now.

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If so what driver were you using in it? Hide full thread outline! So there is no warranty either expressed or implied.

Post Order or Asylum Reverse Threaded. If you do call please speak into the fs208es-r machine because I don’t pick-up until I know who’s calling and why! The ta mk2 tweter is a must and also take a long time to gain air.

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His feesr are worth far less than stock after treatment. I’d say that a pair packaged well would be around 50lbs. If you haven’t seen the Supanesshi, you need to check it out. ONLY pairs Worldwide! He still believes these are one of the best full-range drivers he’s ever heard! As with all things YMMV and just being honest with you. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have Return to High Efficiency Fe208ds-r Asylum.


It’s unfortunate that I have to sell these drivers. I just obtained a pair and should be getting them next week. The reason is really quite simply there’s only pairs of these drivers available to all the audiophiles who want them –worldwide!

Great drivers just the treble beats me up and is fatiguing the same with feesr very detailed but after a bit time ready to turn off. The coatings greatly fostsx resale value and I feel damage sound quality. A few of Fostex’s senior engineers in their driver development area were about to retire. They work great in the feesr cabinet.

Post an Ad Flag Ad: It’s for that reason that my Sachikos were custom made and one of the custom features is thicker front baffle than regular Sachiko’s specs calls for! The man I bought them said I should get very good results even though it’s not the optimum enclosure for them. They have not been moved since!


It killed the highs that were so extended and delicate before.

Its does greatly increase range but to me at the expense of smooth non fatiguing treble reproduction. And I find such cabinets add more coloration to back wave since far more ply to resonate and its not doubled. Just for the picture You found them!!!! Fe208ed-r Pulp, posted on March 4, at The double BLH horns you enjoy really offer no benefit in low frequency extension. That said, De208es-r package extremely well and have never had any components arrive damaged.

Fostex FEES-R Extremely Rare! ONLY pairs Worldwide! – Audio Asylum Trader

Lot of difference between feesr and feesr. Do not coat the cones that was crazy with feesr and more so to a feesr like using ketchup on fine steaks. Payment and Shipping Pay By: