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Some new language files and export template for HTML. It might even help track down where the overflow is, otherwise it’ll just disappear, never to be seen again. Incremental search now scrolls the selection into view. Support for disk partitions not recognised by Windows. Disk cache thrashing that was caused by writing 1 Wii sector at a time, now using 1 WBFS sector again.

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IOS version wasn’t correct for all games. Debug level now only applies to what you want to see in the log. Now using the Built in Delphi version. Reduced sparse file fragmentation by allocating the file size before setting sparse mode. Jobs page to view and work with the job queue. Thanks for the help but it is an eide notebook hard drive and I cannot attach directly to a desktop pc, and I haven’t the original notebook where the hd come from.

If you still have problems on this one more than likely there is internal problems in the HDD that is causing this one. If its in an external unit, remove it from the external unit and connect the drive directly to the computer. Error when zero sized files were loaded, causing the thread to terminate and not list all the games.


Tools for hard drive diagnostics, repair, and data recovery. More archive support using 7-zip dll. You can also attach the current log.

Télécharger Wii Backup Manager Build 78(page 6)

Taille de coupure automatique des fichier WBFS. So only on-the-fly rnermax are used, changes are saved to custom-titles. The Labels in the about box and splash screen weren’t transparent in XP.

This was a flaw that also existed in libWBFS due to different block sizes on larger drives. Now the media type is set from the drive geometry info so it should work with any drive type.

Endrmax personne ne savait que cette limite de existait apparemment.

Updating is possible too because they’re stored by region and type. SHA-1 ehhd check failed when the game contained large files because the whole file was read into memory. Automatically generate language strings and update existing files in the language folder.

Enermax Ehd u2 Driver – wholesaleapps

Rewrote it 4 times actually tongue. Ce bug existait depuis le premier jour. Caused by the workaround for writing WBFS files to same folder as the source, for resplitting. Default cover images from lustar. Cover download functions can also delete files.


Sometimes the cover downloads would only download to the cache instead of the configured enermx. You can quickly send the current language file via the feedback form. Anyone that was testing should update. Really small WBFS files would show as invalid because some internal values were rounded down to zero instead of up to one.

This made it impossible to tell why the game wasn’t loaded. Now uses the same block size as WBFS files. Nouvelle option “Utilisez le transfert de tampon”. With an option to automatically convert to the chosen convention when a drive is mounted.

Simply select the loader and your base cover folder.