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View More Photo Galleries. Gotta turn it back up. If that’s too much for you, you might consider a PCI solution. Please, check the software I posted. I finally realized this initial warning dialog box was somehow coming from Premier not Sonar even though I was starting Sonar!

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FA-66 ASIO Driver

Send a private message aeio cwsand. Then I re-amp later. Where are you changing the buffer size? Edirol pcr – 50 and pro tools LE? Many, including Jim Roseberry, have said Edirols work fine. I’m sure the Line 6 ToneDirect method gives me lower monitoring latency and seems to be independent of the buffer settings.

Play a bit with a delay at such low values and the dry signal turned off and see yourself. Looks like there was a conflict between Sonar and Ga-66 Premier.

Everything set at the lowest of course At db Measurement results: When the Windows SmartScreen is displayed upon installing the driver, please perform the following procedure: Haven’t received registration validation E-mail? Thank you for your response. For this test you need not to have the imput signal present without passign thru the deirol. Yes, i get exeellent performance from my FA in WDm driver mode.


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edjrol Does it make any sense to you? Find all posts by Miguemiguemigue. I tried deleting the aud. It’s a incompatibility problem? Facebook Roland Fan Page.

I only can change the buffer size in the interface’s control panel with relatives values beyond minimum and maximum, without absolute values edirop , etc I did a loopback test against the click source in Reaper and the recorded track is spot on in time with original click source in Reaper. What I can tell you is what I learned thru forums, reading and talking to people.

Stay up to date with Roland news, artists, promotions, events, and more. This chipset is the piece of hardware that controls, in this case, the FireWire bus. Fort Worth, TX Status: Pro Tools should then load up at that buffer size.

As I explaied, the best PCI cards give around 5ms. Do you have any tips? Does that give any clues? Send a private message to bullshark. I do not know the TonePort products.


The computer should be ok performance wise because everything was originally recorded with it using another interface Aardvark Q10 using WDM drivers. I dual boot the computer so I can have one stripped down version of XP with only Sonar loaded.

Manufacturers publish lies on specs with incorrect values because it looks better. Need help User Name Remember Me? Miami – Fort Lauderdale – Davie Status: