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Is it possible to obtain a second trial license? Email Required, but never shown. For example, a data source using the PostgreSQL driver will be in the format:. If you do not already have a System DSN on your machine then now is the time to create one. To execute a query on the database, either type a query into the SQL box and then click Submit.

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If MaxThreadCount is set to 0, there is no limit. Some proprietary something being done in a junky custom odbc driver, I guess. You do this by doing either of the following:. Miscellaneous What’s a ‘Type 3’ Driver? There can only be one thread of execution in these circumstances. System Account on Windows or root on Unix. The Create New Data Source dialog box is displayed, containing a list of drivers:. If the Java client program is an applet then the browser of a user will normally restrict network connections to the host from which the applet was served.

For example, to connect to the PostgreSQL data source illustrated earlier in this section, you would type:.

Simba SDK allows to build custom jdbc or odbc drivers and bridges. A driver-specific New Data Source dialog box is displayed. Set the ClearText attribute to true if you wish to be able to see the contents of these fields. Otherwise, go to Connecting from Java to connect easywoft client.


If the driver requires some form of synchronization, then the driver should provide it. Click Connect to make the connection.

You will find ez. You usually have to be logged in as root to edit the system odbc. The following attributes are recognized: The Web Administrator uses a set of template files into which the dynamic data is inserted before sending it back to your browser. The integration into our databases and the assistance given with bulk uploads and a general helpful attitude was outstanding.

Thank you so much for your continuous support. The Easysoft driver was indeed excellent, easy and reliable. Note that Unicode data can also be be read by using one of the two getUnicodeStream methods in the ResultSet class and written by udbc the setUnicodeStream method in the PreparedStatement class in addition to the getstring and setstring methods. It is also possible to turn on tracing to the standard output Java console by adding the: The text that is entered into the Description odnc may be displayed to a user if they choose to connect interactively.

If the ODBC driver you are using is not thread-safe e.

Supported Java databases include:. It fully meets the requirements of the ODBC 3.

Easysoft JDBC-ODBC Bridge User Guide – Technical Reference

We highly recommend Easysoft, their technical support is outstanding and the service we have received from then is both professional and easysotf. NB Set the ClearText attribute to true if you wish to be able to see the contents of these fields.


This section provides a tour of the Web Administrator interface and shows you how to change the configurable parameter settings in the JOB Server. We used your product to synchronize our ODBC database with our legacy application and are extremely happy with the performance.

If set to off or omitted then no trace file osbc written.


Note that it is important to set the attribute to a large enough value so that no important behavior will be lost and that this feature will normally only be of use while developing your program. ReverseLookup currently only affects the number of different clients page on the Statistics screen, where “unknown” will be displayed instead of the machine name for ewsysoft machine names of connecting clients if ReverseLookup is off. The JOB Server incorporates a Web Administrator see The Web Administrator that provides access to administration, monitoring and test facilities through a standard web interface.

Select the System DSN tab:.