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You can add or disable different communication modules from the settings menu or with the help of the widget to be dragged onto the desktop. The trackball is in the very middle; it also serves as the Action key if pressed. Please, go to our Forum and let your opinion be known to the author and everybody else. The control block consists of six keys and a trackball and is located below the screen. Imagine that you have to write something in an application, but you hold the handset at an angle to ensure the portrait orientation.

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Although there is e13 horizontal nor vertical spacing between the keys, I find them quite comfortable to type with.

The built-in Bluetooth 2. Every time the cover is removed, you can hear some crackling, which is another sign that the fastening elements are not that durable. The screen is covered with plastic, the battery cover and input keys are made of matte plastic, too. Many apps from the Market start on Acer E in their traditional portrait orientation. You can add or disable different communication modules from the settings menu or with the help of the widget to be dragged onto the desktop.

The device is available in two color options: To a large extent, the design has been dictated by the form factor: The real trouble comes when you realize that you have a white backlight in a white smartphone. Save for the plastic frame with a chrome finish on the front panel that serves no actual purpose, there are virtually no other impractical details in the smartphone. It is an attempt to promote a new form factor and device experience to Android users. The thing is that the cover takes up the whole rear side of the smartphone, uses some clasps to attach to the main body and needs to be pulled off in order to be removed.


The keypad is somewhere to the left or to the right. There e30 no rivals of Acer E in Russia, because other models axer the same form factor are just not offered.

Acer beTouch E130

As far as the build quality is concerned, the only complaint is about the battery cover. In general, the control scheme is handy but the trackball requires some getting used to. Do you want to talk about this?

There were no problems with connection quality in the engineering prototype. There acef no point speaking about the capabilities to watch unconverted video or play “heavy” games apart from the platform there is one more limitation — the landscape screen orientation. The Acer beTouch E hereafter, aver will be omitted is one of the company’s many tests of the Android market and its consumers. Navigation in the device is carried out through a standard Google Maps, which allows routes plotting without the voice promptssearch for addresses by street names or locations restaurants, cafes, institutions.

The operation of several apps on a horizontally oriented screen is another issue in E The physical size of the screen is — 53×40 mm with the resolution ace x QVGA.

In terms of dimensions, the Acer E is comparable to the Nokia E71 or 72, albeit it is slightly larger than them. Only basic and several multimedia profiles are acsr. Regarding the speed of operation I can say that in everyday work launching apps, checking mail, and browser Acer E is quite comfortable. When the screen is activated, the first thing that you see is the lock screen — just hit the Menu key to unlock the device. That is due to the fact that all the device keys are the familiar hardware type provided you know how to use a trackball and that the small low-res display doesn’t make you want to touch it at once.


How to Hard Reset my phone – ACER E beTouch –

To put it simpler, the company is making an experiment with its new device, and whether it remains just that is what we are going to discuss in this review. I find the design of the Acer E too simplistic, but a quick survey f130 my friends as well as the feedback from our readers on the forum the device pictures could be seen in some other reviews a while ago indicate that many people do find the design attractive, even though the actual device is not available yet.


You can carry it around in your pants or jeans pocket just fine. The SIM card and memory aacer slots can be found under the battery cover. If you do not take into account the memory taken by different background services you will get around MB of free RAM. The smartphone feels nice both in one’s hand and while talking. On the upside, the battery cover sits firmly in its place and doesn’t play at all. The control block consists of six keys and a trackball and is located below the screen.

The material is practical; the white device collects no finger prints, and I think that that it also true for the black version.