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I looked around the web and some places said that after Please kinkdly help me if you guys know what’s wrong with it. I know the signal is there because my GF’s laptop works great. I should have read all the comments! Do you already have an account?

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anyone had luck hacking a driver for d-link DWL-G132 (usb wireless)?

For now I would recommend users steer clear of the G adapter as its compatibility is not certain. I am using them right now. The USB adapter isn’t broken, because if I plug it into dwl-g13 Dell laptop it works fine and can connect to either base.

Latest Mountain Lion Hints TechSpot is dedicated to computer enthusiasts and power users. I got a G3 ibook very cheapily at the end of Apple’s PowerPc era.

Once I got it and plugged it in its been nothing but problems. I hope mad helps. Because I was testing the router and the device all on the same table.


o Please correct me if I’m wrong as I’d love to get it working I ended up sending back the C1 version and getting the B1 version again, with the same results. They seem to require their own drivers from D-Link.

These are thumpin’ good cans Creaticity: Brand new Mac mini 1. The dlink drivers for jaguar actually work in Tiger. I haven’t read all of your post it’s late at nightbut I think the following should clarify: I’ll send easy info.

D-Link Technical Support

Make your gloves touchscreen friendly Apple? Schwie on Aug 18, ’05 I have to tables side by side, I was hoping to have the notebook resting beside my desktop and in the other table the mini and the router. Ask a question and give support. Anon You can never be too good looking or to well equipped Dilbert. Raving Drifter on May 11, ’05 Thanks, Gareth [ Reply to This ]. Install, plug it in, dwl-t132 you’re done.

Go back to the Dlink Prefs Pane and save the profile so it connects on each reboot. Reboot and the computer should find it just fine. Visit other IDG sites: Now all I have [up and running] is my PowerMac G4.


Wifi w/Mac OS 10.4

System Profiler does see the USB adapter and gives the following profile: This chance only happens with two wi-fi cards? The device will show up in Network Prefs as an ethernet connection but there will be ,ac signal or lights on from the device. I just bought mine too: You should get a notice telling you there is a new network interface when you go to your network settings.

Macmiester [ Reply to This ]. I have been told by Netgear that the Ddl-g132 wireless bridge is no longer being made.