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Click and then enter into WebCam Main interface. VGA cards listed below which have passed the test can work well with TD The recording storage will automatically jump to the next partition when it s full. And you can also click the blue map icon on the left by right key, and select Rename to change name of the map or select Close to cancel this map View Map Click to enter E-map, where the user can view distribution of all cameras in the map, as Figure View Camera. The software support auto-reboot. IPC series IP camera user manual 1.

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MEDIA – SuperDVR – TD3004 Video Computer Driver Updates

Motherboards listed below which has passed the test can work well with TD Switch By selecting the options, users can turn on corresponding cameras. Click button near ‘Iris’ button to increase light of the dome.

They are widely used in banks, intelligent communities, traffic management units, medical systems, educational systems, armed forces and so on. The following is about record data storage.

Channel PCI DVR Card. Owner’s Manual. 650 Congress Park Dr Centerville, OH

Motion Detection Record State Red light: Sender s Address Subject: Record quality There are five modes can be selected from: Manual Record By selecting the options, the relative camera images will be recorded and saved all the time. None means no title ID means camera numbers, i. Information Area In A area, users can select one or more cameras.


Call Monitor Users can connect another monitor to the card and select the display modes here. Net quality There are five options to choose from: Video Loss Users can select alarm output for cvr option.

DriverMax – MEDIA – SuperDVR – TD Video Computer Driver Updates

Sensor Record Frame Rate If sensors are utilized to trigger recording, users can select record frame rate here. Click the camera head by right key to show the screen on the spot. Schedule record mode Users can choose any term in a day to record and set up record modes, i. The left side shows the available channels.

For example, if ticking off Basic Configuration, the normal user can conduct this right. Sensor Alarm Record Events Click to play selected record files. It has an embedded More information.

Channel PCI DVR Card. Owner’s Manual. Congress Park Dr Centerville, OH – PDF

This button is valid when playing back by single channel playing back pause mode Users can select suitable play speed in the area as below: Pan Speed Set horizontal rotating speed. If users select all channels, click Select all, then all check box before channels will be selected.


In case user needs to play back 16 channels at the same time, then click below: Defaults Set as default. When you install the drivers More information. Normal State Viridescent light: The following are standard functions of the products: Speed Motion detection sensitivity rvr.

Now, users can see a green box appears which shows the motion detection area. Users can change the values of corresponding items, i. Z Control 5 P.

Click OK, the system reminds of whether to install the Webcam. The software supports auto-reboot. Z devices by the function buttons on the right side, see as below: