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You should also check that the HV is arcing to the correct return – an easy way to find out is to simply bring the HV wire to the bottom of the flyback. The basis for this circuit is that there is always current flowing into the base of the 2n, and that when the primary coil energizes, the magnetic field of the transformer core cancels out the voltage in the feedback coil, turning off the transistor, which allows the feedback coil to come back up to voltage, and the cycle repeats. If touched, it will immediately burn the arcing points, with a noticeable smell of burned flesh and a black spot where the arc struck. Black and white TV flybacks tend to have a higher internal capacitance and higher step-up ratio, whilst monitor flybacks are pretty much useless, as far as the modern ones are concerned. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here I only got to build a single 2n driver for a flyback to supply my mini SGTC from 12v supply giving about 20Kv out. Remember me [ Sign up ] [ Forgot password?

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2n3055 flyback driver

So, if you brush against the wire while you’re operating an oscilloscope, or changing the channel on your TV who would watch TV with a flyback driver on Correspondingly, you should expect no more than around 10kV from them at most. The HV will burn through a rubber glove like it wasn’t there, and it will do the same to thin wire insulation Waiting for your reply- Regards Karl. November 17, at Flyback HV voltage was reduced a fair bit couldn’t arc through as many tubes, arc length reducedand the capacitor got darned hot.


As the magnetic field collapses, again high voltage is induced in the secondary. The photo below is from him.

Flyback Driver Circuits

Procrastinatus Why talk about it now? The transistor heats up to scorching temperatures within minutes despite the fan.

There is no fixed number and do feel free to experiment to see what works best for you. It becomes Very hot very quickly even with my heat sink in place. And may burn much before your flyback does duaal on that later Ultrasounds above 20 Khz, human nerves do not respond to very duap frequency electricity above 1kHz flybzck nerve response drops graduallyhence very little or no sensation of shock is felt, even as significant currents flow through your bodythere are still dangers that you should be aware off, and I would not recommend a complete beginner or someone who has no previous experience whatsoever with high voltage to try this.

I just need the flyback transformer simulation model can you mail me?????? The arc will produce a faint hissing sound, which is associated with it’s frequency. These transformers look something like this: IMO The Mazelli drivers that occasionally fail are generally due flybsck people not using heat sinks or poorly made one as well.

The background is a black file so the arcs can seen more easily. Don’t forget to send me some MAILand tell me what you think! Ideally you should try to find a flyback which either has a removable rectifier usually encased in it’s own case in epoxy.

William Stehl Wesley Venis The aforementioned have contributed financially to the continuing triumph of 4hv. It’s very simple actually. The liquid is very cold and the transistor will cool while it runs as long as you drip the liquid onto it.


Although it’s big, it’s worth the wait! I’ve tried for both AC and DC and they both work fine. It is a must to view the flyback videos. If flybaxk look at the picture hereyou’ll see that there is that annoying white thermal grease. Daul is difficult to focus accurately Here is an short sequence animated GIF of the arc going up the ladder. Sam at Powerlabs has done the same circuit and has also achieved some very nice results with his flyback.

Dual 2n Flyback Driver « Procrastinatus

It sounds like a duxl voltage protection, when you suddenly remove the heavy load the voltage rises faster than the supply can regulate and it shuts itself down. However the PSU turns off as soon as I attach the flyback driver.

Thanks, I meant I have the diode in place and know it is to protect the transistor but what is the small capacitor for? This feedback current will trigger the transistor to stop conducting, and as the magnetic field in the ferrite core collapses, a large HV spike will appear on the secondary windings basic inductor action.