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This will kill all of the pulseaudio services, which seem to be the problem. To test its Low-Energy radio abilities, I was able to scan for and pair with my Adonit Jot Touch and Jot Script, although as there is no profile support , the connections are not usable. All the Best form Sri Lanka. Drivers for your specific device should install automatically without trouble. After going through the process to get rid of prior CSR registry entries, I still got the same failed error, even after restart. Do you have an idea why it behaves like this?

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I had been dealing with pairing an audio device using my CSR dongle for 2 days and I was able to achieve this by following your regedit instructions the device, at first, was paired while the default Microsoft supplied driver was active — thank you!

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bluegooth After going through the process to get rid of prior CSR registry entries, I still got the same failed error, even after restart. It identifies itself as a CSR A This guide got it working on my Windows system, Thank you, by the way and I saw that you had a small section for Linux, so in thanks, I am hoping that the little tutorial I have added will round out the excellent information on this page.

Hey Lui, After a full day of cursing and swearing I came across this piece of art micrk I just followed your guidelines the silly thing finally works!!!!!


Proudly powered by WordPress. As a result, when devices using newer profiles not songle by the software need to be used, you bluetoot need to upgrade or purchase a new software stack or dongle and software stack together. I have searched for days to get my bluetooth dongle and headset fully working on both my Windows system, and my Linux system. After uninstalling CSR Harmony software, performing the registry modifications and using CC cleaner to clean up the computer and the registry, which was a real Muther, Half a wordI was able to reinstall the CSR Harmony software de rebooting.

April 28, at 4: Just wanted to say thank you. Please carefully donle these steps: Do not go deleting things randomly — you will mangle something serious.

Then, you can now plug in the USB dongle, which should be detected and result in the installation of a few devices and the appearance of a new Bluetooth icon in your task tray. March 26, at 9: Thank you very much for your review especially how to solve the driver conflict problem.

Or you can revert to the Microsoft default Bluetooth stack by uninstalling the dongle, but that will break proper audio support even if you reinstall the stack unless you clean certain Bluetooth related keys from your registry.

Is there a bluetooth icon in your control panel? Yah that didnt work Thanks Dude I Mjcro you……! July 11, at 1: Hi Gough, thanks for your posting.


Be a little patient, it should take 5 minutes at most. Have you any tips for what Dohgle can do to resolve the Bluetooth dongle problem?

Thank you, it worked! I wish bouetooth suppliers did their jobs half as well as you! Then, you can execute the set-up from the disc which involves following the prompts … At this point, it is best to restart your computer to ensure that the software starts up correctly, despite the wizard not requesting it.

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Thank You so much!! After the computer has rebooted, plug the USB Bluetooth adapter into your computer. You solved my problem perfectly!

So I found the driver online from broadcam, which is linked from this website, and when I try to download the driver, it shows up with the normal download status and it passes the detection process but stops at the validating process.

Review: Avantree Bluetooth 4.0 Micro USB Dongle

January 21, at 9: September 11, at 6: Finally, we come to Bluetooth 4. This problem may have never occurred if 1 the device uninstalled all entries into the registry such that a fresh uninstall-install process would fix driver assignment issues.

The dongle also had no problems functioning under the bluez Bluetooth stack under Lubuntu