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Flip Cover for Dopod C For a start, the main keyboard is very small indeed, with very indistinct buttons. Manufactured using high quality and excellent durable materials. I want cash on delivery Is the redmi note 4’s front glass in blue color.

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Characterized by shock resistance, buffer function and durable service, the panel is made of high quality material can offer dependable protection for your cell phone from daily wear and tear, so that it can ensure the dopov life of your cell phone. For a start, the main keyboard is very small indeed, with very indistinct buttons.

The Bottom Line Dopod’s Dopid has some great and highly enticing technology hiding under its slim hood. How to Maxbhi How to manual’s. There’s no secondary camera, either, which puts 3G video calling out of the equation. Be the first one to write a review Write a review. The Good Windows Mobile 6.

The lack of a touchscreen on an icon-driven interface has also led the C into a curious position, where some menu items can either be scrolled directly with the virtual strip if you’re very patient or the directional pad if you’re notor skipped with a number press.

Keyboard Windows Mobile doesn’t work that well. Ultimately, the C is something of a case study in how to take great and interesting technology and then make it irrelevant through poor interface design.


That’s a flaw that a number of this type of smartphones have suffered from. Dopod C Sign in to comment Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. The small keys make actual phone dialling quite difficult. Flip Cover for Dopod C – Black. It’s twitchy, hard to accurately control and far too prone to accidentally activating itself when you’re just holding the phone, turning your attempts to launch messenger into an accidental phone call to your boss, who then hears nothing but you swearing at your phone for a couple of minutes until you realise the problem.

The problem that the C has is that people long for the scroll wheels because they work, and work well, but the C’s virtual version doesn’t. Google’s larger Pixel XL whips up an ace Android experience.

Dopod C Features, Specifications, Details

Don’t show this again. The mobile world might finally get exciting again in There are few surprises; a tiny thumb-operable keyboard beneath a five way selector and a 2. My Account Sign in Create account. Mark Zuckerberg on Facebook’s Perfect replacement for the original cover and make the phone look like a new one. It’s simply that it’s hampered by some very poor interface and control decisions that make using this particular smartphone far more annoying than it really should be — and critically, more annoying than competing models from other manufacturers.


Being a well made and sturdy phone, such drops and accidents usually not cause any harm to the internal hardware of the “Dopod C”. Manufactured using high quality and excellent durable materials. There’s no touchscreen to deal with and thus no stylus.

Dopod C730

Combine that with the flimsy-feeling directional controller and things get worse. Flip Cover for Dopod C – White. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted Specially manufactured for Dopod C, Precision machining fits the cell phone perfectly.

It’s not that the C doesn’t try hard or that the core technology underlying it isn’t capable — in fact, the C is undeniably a technically very attractive phone. Simply put, the C can be put to pretty much any business task and even a few less enterprise-centric functions — but does it do them well?

Dopod C See more awesome products for your handset. Design It’s a testament to the success of RIM’s Blackberry that we can describe an entire subset of mobile phones as being “Blackberry clones”.