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Given just how many parameters there are to control, then you might need an external controller with lots of knobs if you wanted to get serious about it….. But then again changing some fundamentals on how the midi works, could easily fuck up the whole thing. Audionomy have certainly got an awful lot right with DM2 and the updates have simply improved upon a brilliant start… hats off to Pascal and his development team…. Toggle navigation Audiobus Forum. Big and beautiful, it will transform your iPad into a professional mixing desk for the price of a magazine.

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They can triggered on each step or not. All 9 tracks play continuously regardless of what the sequencer plays.

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And while we are at it, steps can also be singles, duplets, triplets or quadruplets for even sophisticated rhythms. Mid anyone interested in immersing themselves in some tech specs, please see below.

Support for Audiobus 3 has also been added. I know they changed some fundamental stuff on how the midi works and the notes to pads were really weird, so it would make sense for them dm change them to something that makes sense. Please note that the next update 1.


DM2 update – Audionomy’s excellent iOS drum synth app gets MIDI Learn

Big and beautiful, it will transform your iPad into a professional mixing desk for the price of a magazine. Last but not least, put all your hard work in the previous pages together in a mjdi song.

AUM – Audio Mixer. Compressor noise issue fixed. New Midi engine, based on the Midibus Library. This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices. I heard back from Pascal, the developer of DM2. Your lucky stars have all aligned.

There are blue skies and smooth sailing ahead. December edited December Toggle navigation Audiobus Forum.

Mixman USB Scratch Hardware Update; MIDI Support “Illegal” – CDM Create Digital Music

DM2 made a brilliant debut and, while it has enough features to keep the more experienced drum programmers happy, it is also very accessible to those new to drum machine programming or drum synthesis. If DM1 was cool, DM2 is ice cold. Just switch everything on and see where it takes you. PitchBend controls the Beat Repeat effect. Previous post Broken Link: Sign In or Register to comment. Information Seller Pascal Douillard. Return to top of page.


I’m trying to make notes playing in modstep without sucess before and after the last update. I use it on Windows to control VJ applications and occasionally scratch audio samples in performance, too.

Pan settings not correctly restored. So i made this template for dm2 for my controller a while back, buuut its not working anymore since the update.

‎DM2 – The Drum Machine on the App Store

Categories Discussions Activity Sign In. It seems like MIDI mapping is broken. So did mdii change the notes that trigger the pads, or is it just broken?

Six touchable graphs to create sounds. Please read our Privacy Policy.