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Let me know if you need any more information. This is documented in the PowerPath installation guide. A good troubleshooting step would be to shutdown the OS on all but the problem node, disable the cluster service and disk driver on the problem node and reboot. Thursday, December 20, 5: Cancel You must be logged in to post a comment. Tags Failover Cluster Jeff Hughes.

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Symptom based cluster disk failure troubleshooting

Go to original post. Here are the four possible combinations of symptoms that could help you narrow down where the potential disk problem lies.

Hi John, Thanks for your revert, yes it will really help every one of us. The first step in troubleshooting disk failures is determining the extent of the problem.

Sign in to vote. Move all resources to the alternate node.

Disk Signatures MSCS Resources and Clusdisk – Cluster Windows Advanced Server

Once the cluster service starts responding again, LooksAlive will resume. Enable cluster disk driver 8: Similarly is there any change in Windows or its same as Windows ?

If all disks fail to come online on either node. Upgrade PowerPath to the version needed 6: In a clustered environment, a SAN disk must be presented to two or more nodes. I’ll just add that in my experience as someone who clusdlsk disk related issues in clusters for a living, I will disxble that I find it very rare that you would need to disable cluster clusdlsk driver in High Availability Clustering https: For example in Windows with a dynamic disk: Put Cluster service back in Automatic mode 7: For basic disks and dynamic disks the LooksAlive process is to in effect send a reservation request every 3 seconds to the resource.


Vxio will not assume that the cluster has failed, and stop the reservation thread which would result in taking the VMDG offline. Visit my blog about multi-site clustering.

How disk resources are reserved in Microsoft Cluster and Failover Cluster

disabpe This process effectively removes the cluster components from the equation. If failure is limited to just one disk. In Windows Cluster Disk driver is a true plug and play.

dissble Non-Plug and Play Drivers. This post is meant to give a very high-level overview to disk troubleshooting methodologies and how to narrow down the source of problems even before any logs or diagnostic data is gathered.

Please enter a title. This will keep the group the disk is located in from failing back and forth between nodes.

Symptom based cluster disk failure troubleshooting | Ask the Core Team

By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. One of the most common issues with Windows Failover clustering deals with the storage attached to the cluster. This may have meaning to some recalling the event log messages that vxio has ckusdisk communication to the cluster and has suspended the reservation thread.


For both windows and multipathing may be translating the reservation from scsi2 to scsi3, or scsi3 to scsi2, but the reservation request is still coming from the cluster.

You can not post a blank message. If upgrading Boot from SAN environments, always reboot twice when upgrading boot drivers. If you have a lun that is presented to a cluster and you want the data of this disk you can always present this disk to a other machine to access this disk. sisable

Service Pack versions are considered full versions. Done in device manager.