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All other trademarks are the properly oT their respective owners. To bring up the Vector Boot Options Menu screen, hold down the right mouse button after a svstein re- set. We won’t rehash the issue here, but for those thinking of upgrading, consider the question in these terms: Only the A and A incorporate the newest revisions of the Amiga graphics chips. Aladdin 4D’s documen- tation provides informative tutorials, a reference section, and an index.

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Aladdin 4D lets you turn an suprra into a gas with full control of color, density, turbulence, texture, movement, and much more. Works with all Amiga models. Circle on Reader Service card.

While oper- vists a based system under Workbench 1. So, instead of thumbing through a manual, fast for- ward through a videotape. The pages are records that can contain the vosta elements.

As nice as the new display modes are. GPFAX handles all these chores simply and elegantly. Bruce Smith Books Ltd. Copying 1 3 to your C directory and inserting a line in your startup-se- quence adds the new memory to the system. Figure Faster Amiga programmers, why not replace the conventional transcendental function library routines your applications most often use with those in Parth Galen’s FasTrig?

Callgari ts a traderrark of Octree Suln. You access Vector’s operating options via the mouse. The vistta were designed for easy incorporation into your video and multimedia produc- tions.


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Inc All otner trademarks are the property ot Iheii respective owners. The latest is 6. The most useful musical tool I have come across is the “circle of fifths. As you can see in Figure 2, bottom right, a minor sixth looks like a mirror image of a seventh.

Capable of controlling two VCRs or camcorders, CyberEdit can handle assemble edits, frame freezes, and audio-only, video, or AA’ inserts.

Diamond Multimedia Supra Express 56k Modem W/ Older Mac Serial Connection

Because SIMMs must be added four at a time, the available combina- tions are 0, 4, 8, This isn’t one of them. If you have a modem, post an electronic version of your ad to the classifieds section of local electronic bulletin board systems. If you can hum a tune the same way twice, this ar- ticle can help you recreate it on your computer.

Once you build and save your circle of fifths chord chart, you can display it on one screen while running your music moddem gram on another, flipping back and forth between win- dows when you need to refer to it. At least the View Fax option lets you double check Continued on p. Check out the advertisements in such magazines as Computer Shopper for companies that repair hard drives for similar prices.


I am an animator and relate this pattern to the movem of an animation sequence: Amiga system you purchased for Visa in might fetch just S today.

Video Suite By Stolen Blaize 84 Proper, logical connections between your video and computer hardware are a key ingredient it diamobd smooth-running video setup — and a sure-fire way to avoid getting your signals crossed.

What existing software will work with the new machines?

Abo works with still video cameras, video disk and still frame capable VCR’s. Responsive Chords To make a pie chart for a major chord, line!

Diamond Supra V.92 56K Modems

On the second circle of fifths, off- set your coloring one slice so G is the red root note and D and B are the pink notes. The stacking menu bars can be user configured and recalled with function keys. GVP is serious about video! Should you upgrade to the new line or stay with your present system?