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Faraldi , Jan 26, The CC gets bright and raspy, but has more available gain. Jan 27, 4. If you’re looking for a tube-like overdrive have a look at the Boss SD-1; it’s one of the best overdrives I’ve tried. May 21, 5. It’s an ok pedal but I think you’ll be looking for more that it can offer pretty quickly. Yes, my password is:

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Delta lab td1 tube driver: Your opinion please

Will ChenJan 27, In rehearsal though, we like to keep rehearsing volume very low and I use this pedal a lot. I am far from professional, I just play around the house but I dig my TD1.

In my live set it’s on for about 3 or 4 songs out of an 18 song set when I need a quieter driven sound, maybe use it a little more than that for a little something extra on a lead part, but only if the band is really crankin’. FaraldiJan 26, I played around with one when they first came out.

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NashJan 26, Gotta agree with the crowd here. I have this pedal, it’s found a long-term place in my pedalboard and I don’t have any complaints. No, create an account now. Beach HoundSep 9, ProToneThinlineMay 21, I don’t de,talab any experience with the Boss OD, but maybe if I’m happy with the Delta Labs I’ll be blown away by the Boss, but for the utbe, t’s great and I would replace it immediately if it were lost or stolen.


In rehearsal or gigs when stage volume has to be very low, I play right on the floor, touching slot machines at this casino, so we’ve gotta play very very very low and right when tubee starts to feel good and quiet, turn it down about half again, the delta labs is perfect in this situation. JakedogMay 21, Not impressive especially when there are several good sounding pedals in that price range includeing the aforementioned Boss SD-1 and Dano Cool Cat series.

May 21, Do you already have an account? When I play live I’m wireless, so it’s not much of a problem, but in rehearsal if I so much as move 3 inches and my guitar cable bumps the nobs it will mess it all up.

User Reviews for DeltaLab TD1 Tube Driver Guitar Effects Pedal at Harmony Central

The SD-1 and Bad Monkey sound a bit better, but both have buffered bypass. If it’s an original you’ll likely be able to deeltalab much more that you paid for it.


Rather than tube-like overdrive, I use actual tube overdrive with a booster like the ehx lpb1 and an attenuator if I need to keep the level down. In my experience the delta lab pedals are not very good. Great tone and yes, moddable not really a word.

If you feel so inclined the pedal is also a great platform for modding. May 21, 7. Yes, my password is: To get more overdrive, I kick in the lpb Think country or playing rhythm in classic rock. Like others mentioned it’s just a matter of dialing in what you like.

Delta lab td1 tube driver: Your opinion please | Telecaster Guitar Forum

Mine’s not currently on my board, as I am in another experimental phase, but it’s definitely one of my all time favorite pedals. EasyEBMay 21, These are really good pedals but for low gain. This is real delttalab loud, so I use an attenuator to bring the actual volume down to where I need it.