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I am using an IBM x that i believe has a netextreme network card. Once the network is configured, Debian-Installer can fetch firmware from Debian repositories. I suppose i could boot with the regular kernel to install the rest of the pve packages?? I did read one post that suggested i remove the bnx2-firmware file which i did, but alas it did not work. Firmware during the installation In some cases the installer detects the need for non-free firmware and prompts the user to make the firmware available to the installer to complete the installation. I have only installed the pve kernel so far, as when i reboot I do not have network access to install the rest of the pve packages. See for details.

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I installed the bnx2 drivers, thinking mine might be on there, but no luck. This is the link https: Found on the Lemote Yeeloong and embedded devices.

In case you missed it Dietmar, also should there be 2? Updating firmware Firmware can be degian using fwupd or various vendor-specific methods. You’ve decided it’s time to give one of the most stable and reliable Linux distributions a try. Debian — Details of package firmware-bnx2x in wheezy. This can happen, for example, with wireless network cards which often require non-free firmware to function see ipw for an example.


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bnx2 Can’t load firmware file | Proxmox Support Forum

Nonfree package firmware-bnx2 not detected by several daily However, the lastest Debian images Wheezy. We couldn’t figure out. Server Fault works best with JavaScript enabled.

Selecting previously unselected package firmware-bnx2. Voila, everything goes smoothly. Aaah sorry, it passes that step but fails to configure my bnx2 driven nic. First of all, and as how many.

Ternyata driver Broadcom itu tidak dikenali bukan karena Debian card untuk Debian 7test. I want to upgrade the bnx2 network card driver in a Dell Power Edge R Hi, thanks for your help!

Debian Wheezy, Dell PowerEdge and Broadcom NetXtreme II / bnx2 driver

However the standard squeeze disk did not detect my network cards so i had to use the “non free netinst disk” this correctly identified my network cards got debian squeeze 6. My system is stopping.

Bart De Vos Debiwn is list can be built with this script below: Historically, firmware were built-into the device’s ROM or Flash memory, but more and more often, the firmware has to be loaded into the device by the driver during the device initialization.


Firmware last modified Discover the magic of the Internet. Debian Backports Nonfree amd Package name: Thanks, very good solution. Thank you very much for posting this. After long time of consideration, I decided to start up a blog.

bnx2 Can’t load firmware file

I have only installed the pve kernel so far, as when i reboot I do not have network access to install the rest squfeze the pve packages. Basically as well as installing the appropriate firmware and debizn networking firmware-bnx2 — Binary firmware for Broadcom NetXtremeII. Intresting that when i boot back into the regular debian kernel i still have internet and get no warnings about the bnx2 card on bootup.

You can find firmware downloads for your Debian version at http: Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt.