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The outer ring has regularly spaced photo-interrupter tabs, but the inner ring doesn’t; the inner photodetector is therefore what’s used to pick the turntable’s orientation, and after that’s been done, the outer ring is used to count forward to the requested number. Unfortunately, the Library doesn’t have enough brain to remember where it was last, so it has to do a full re-seek every time. How long the Library takes to deliver the disc you’ve asked for depends on where it starts and where it’s going. And they’ll do it without taking up as much space as you might think, since Libraries can be stacked on top of each other. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. If all you want is a ton of data in one place, vast numbers of CDs don’t make a lot of sense.

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Do you need to organise a bunch of mm optical discs?

You don’t have daczl fill all slots to use the Library, of course, but it looks cooler that way. An icon of four stacked CDs — seems intuitive enough for most people.

You can, of course, just enter disc names and categories manually. Then you just turn the knob until the green LED readout indicates the appropriate slot number, and push the knob in.

There’s also a Preview pane that lets you attach any image you’ve scanned or otherwise imported to a disc’s listing. You can’t dial up a new disc without de-ejecting the last one.

Just run a different database on my computer. But if you’ve got enough discs to fill one or more Libraries, then they may be just what you’ve been waiting for.


Dacal should provide me a free upgrade just for having used that previous crap they sent me. The software also has a self-test mode that causes the Library to do random seeks over and over.

Dacal DC CD library USB Drivers

The turntable then turns clockwise, fairly quickly, to the slot before the one you asked for, and then uusb slowly to line up that one slot. I was interested to see how the Library worked – particularly after I noticed that it’s possible to remove the turntable, replace it in a different orientation, and still have the gadget identify slots correctly.

So it’s not bad value on a dollars-per-megabyte basis, even if you include the price of a DVD writer. Look at the underside of the turntable, and you can see how the locating system works. The library software allows you to setup users and allow users to check out discs and set reminders. Doing that would put the thing permanently out of whack, if it didn’t notice the unauthorised turn.

The software also does a fair job at thumb nailing images on CDs and indexing content from file backups or music CDs. Sure, I could still use the library — manually. More than gigabytes, if you fill every disc. There’s a keylock as well, by the way, which is about as secure as the keylock on every other disc box out there. About Certified and certifiable. But if you need to index, say, a thousand or so discs, and have them all accessible in short order, then a bank of Libraries will do it pretty elegantly.


It completely lacks any way to get disc information from elsewhere – you can’t import your own database, and there’s no neat-o CDDB or similar hookup for indexing a bunch of music CDs or movies the fast way. I don’t know whether multiple Libraries will all random-seek at once if you use this feature.

Dc-300 CD Library II by Dacal Holds 150 With USB I/f for Lookup

A single Library can only hold discs. If you put a high value on your time then, again, burning scores of DVDs will cost you a great deal more. After clicking next a few times, I find a new icon on dacl desktop. Seeking from slot to slot 30, however, required a 1.

The software understands multiple Libraries; there’s an “ID” drop-down menu that lets you manually pick which one you’re talking about when you add new discs to the database, and the search functions work across all of them. Well, as long as you don’t have too many hundreds of discs to scan through, that is.

This is, essentially, just a fancy storage box. And if you leave it running all the time, it will eventually fail. There’s nothing to see here. Apart from Libraries being straight-out smashed when a totem pole of the things falls over, the Library design also won’t stop discs from falling out of their slots if you tilt the carousel drastically, and that could get ugly fast.