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I use libusb, and move the driver work into the actual software instead. I use the cycfx2prog utility. Someone could usefully write a Free Software version. There are a few things you can do. One suitable loader is available from Cypress. This 2nd tidbit is vital.

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Thanks for your guidence.

Comment on Dec 12th, at 5: So fx2lib is cypresx pretty good shape. Comment on Nov 19th, at 5: Comment on Oct 30th, at 4: Do you have any sample c files that could be compiled on sdcc just to test things out?

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I so, where is it located? This website uses cookies to improve your experience. I think I can see how to control my own bus pretty easily by having the 8-bit data on one 8-bit output port, and sending the control signals on the other port, and having the GPIF enable the control signals and do the timing. Now i want to run it on Linux.


fxload(8) – Linux man page

That only works if you have lights to work with I guess. Devices that also have off-chip memory use the two stage loader mode. Comment on Aug 18th, at 8: The imager is constantly running. Can any one help me in this regard.

I spliced this into my fx2pipe firmware and got it to compile, but it causes fx2pipe to give an error code that is 20 decimal digits long. Comment on Nov 30th, at Comment on Jan 16th, at 7: The sdcc docs are kind of general since it supports multiple targets. After compiling a simple program which produces an ihx-intel hex fileyou can upload it like this:. Welcome to the Cypress Developer Community 3.

Lnux a project working on HID firmware: But I have a few problems with this.

A few open source tips for the Cypress FX2LP (EZ-USB Cy7cA) | All My Brain

You’ll most probably have to develop to over one of them. The problem is that for two byte values, the hex bytes are swapped and your code gets downloaded to the wrong memory locations if you load it on the wrong platform. The imager puts FV high for the duration of each frame and puts LV high for each individual line of pixel bytes.


I made a few modifications to the Hex2Bix program and compiled it on Linux too though. They ported the bulkloop example entirely to sdcc.

The necessary USB descriptors and the descriptor handling routines are generated automatically. You can find the list link at http: Ahh, yes it is in the source directories of the tar ball. Firmware source is available. All My Brain is powered by WordPress 4.

I prefer to use a scripting language whilst testing I use ruby, along with the ruby-usb bindings, though python and PyUSB are very similar.