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Visible laser engraving of a data matrix code 2D barcode or serial number on the USB connector improves logistics in the field. I’ve been evaluating USB tokens for two factor authentication for one of my current projects, I’ve got 3 of them for evaluation: Please choose your location. Omnikey is the longest token, but it appears to be more sturdy than Axalto token. Store your addresses and contact details for all future orders.

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With Hot Plug driver it works great, just like intended. Please choose your location. The integration of the Smartcard-Token into security applications is feasible without programming efforts. Please contact us if you need CDO support for older Delphi versions.

Skip to content You are here: This ensures correct operation on cryptokej platforms, as well as independence of additional reader drivers, as crypgoken operating system can directly access the token. For integration into existing setups e. Customized laser engraving and heavy-metal-durability match perfectly with the designer case of the CrypToken.


If you take the token out from USB port, insert it back and try to access it you’ll get error message. We would like to inform you about the latest developments of our software SafeSign Identity Client IC integrated with USB tokens supporting the use of digital certificates. Just in time for your end-of-the-year shopping we modified our price list for th For more information please see our Terms of Use. There are two hardware versions of the CrypToken available: Driver and Diagnostic Tools.

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What type of information can be stored in the CrypToken? The metal key-chain tag for the CrypToken is available in chrome. Furthermore, we can uzb the casing according to your corporate design and color. This static driver will show a CardMan even if the CrypToken is not attached to the computer.

Name of your teacher? CrypToken for secure E-Business authentification and identification Security experts know that reliable identification and authentification are the Achilles heel of eBusiness crypgoken eCommerce. Additional algorithms can be integrated with individual applets.


For technical questions, simply send a support ticket to MARX and track the status of your current tickets online.

MARX CrypToken – Secure eBusiness – Cryptoken

Overview of the most important CrypToken features Safe and mobile container for passwords, digital signatures, cryptokken private keys. The Bit-RSA algorithm is completely hardware integrated — for secure authentication. There is a wide range of options to create your individual CrypToken: May 18, at 6: Please choose your location.

The hardware based encryption complies with Bit-RSA standard. Another option is the clear polymer tag. SmrxTiming Please sign in. Laser engraving is an excellent way to mark and identify the CrypToken.