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I have a little Python script running on a Windows machine that is able to talk to the very device just fine Do the two modinfo commands give any results? For some reason the manufacturers try to keep the protocol used for configuring this device secret. Matthias Frei 6 1 4. The steps are in a download file from here – silabs. I’m sorry, I totally should have included this in the original, I’m running

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My guess is that they want gpio to be accessible through the gpio kernel drivers.

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Amber what you originally downloaded was a. Since all linux kernel communication seems to take place in their mailing lists, can you give a clue of a time or subject that I can search for?

A diagnostic report can then be manually generated by capturing the output of lsusb -vand the output of dmesg. Is this supposed to show up as a ttyUSB or other tty?

This enabled support for hardware flow control to be implemented in version 0.

CPx Driver in the Linux Kernel

The last I heard of it and this may be a little hand-wavyis that the kernel. Step-by-step help would be very, very much appreciated!!!


The device is there, I can’t figure out why it’s not been found: Additionally, the following knowledge base may provide a bit more information about the differences in these linux CPx drivers:.

Post as a guest Name. Munir Nassar provided further useful informationin the form of USB packet logs, and very kindly sent me a cable which had all of the flow control lines connected.

I have a Freescale embedded device, mx23, that uses mdev instead of udev and the procedure is a bit different. The CPx driver is now distributed with 2. I believe there is some standard way by which they expect a driver to handle gpio support, and our parts do it in some other home-made way.

After writing the first version of the open source driver, I received feedback from numerous companies, some with names we all recognise. And substituting it with ,inux library will not help either I assume. Please provide the link to the steps! Please remember to accept my answer if it was helpful.

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I hope this helps! Does not show in tree mode. Then I could probably dig that back up and see the reasoning. If those two files don’t exist, cp103 you’ll need to compile your source code yourself. USB Serial Driver core author: Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Is it not there? Since I’m fairly new to Linux and I need that thing running, I’d be grateful for suggestions. Whether or not these modules will allow a Wine program to access the device is unknown.


When you add the rule for udev. No such device Since I’m c2103 new to Linux and I need that thing running, I’d be grateful for suggestions. I don’t want to ruin stuff by randomly typing code into the terminal so I’d appreciate some co2103

CPx Linux Driver

In other words, the device is not really a CPx, despite having vendor and product IDs which would make it appear so. Now, the download has four files, the release notes abovecpx. Replied Sep 167: Linx saw there was a Linux driver and thought that would work, however, I’m confused by the “build notes.

I’m running Jessie Lite on a RPi2. Sign up using Facebook.