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Just connecting to the WAP is no problem. It’s just an AP. Reset Post Submit Post. Originally posted by Danger Mouse: We’re talking a grand total of 5 meters or so.

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Thu Aug 21, 9: However the problems still persist. We try to ship most items within 24 hours of payment Monday-Friday.

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You can connect to the AP even though you don’t have the proper wep settings and can’t actually do anything do you get an ip address? Second, make sure the window for the optics is clean and not scratched.

You have to manually assign the IP address to the computer rather than leaving it automatically assigned. Was the mouse ever dropped?

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The default IP can’t possibly exist on my network. But that doesn’t seem to do anything useful. Apr 24, Posts: Well, I moved it down the very short hall into the same room, and now it gets an ok connection.


Therefore, give the Computer an address in the Leviathen Ars Tribunus Militum Registered: Okay, that didn’t do anything. Thu Aug 21, 6: I keep about 6 -8 charged rechargeable on the desk and just grab a set when I stop getting any mouse movement and swap them over.

Yes, it’s trying to be on the Thu Aug 21, 7: Are you sharing internet access right now? We stand behind our products. This problem only started about 2 or 3 months ago?

That’s a problem you have to solve Open up the directions and look to find what ip address it should be on and such. Since you mentioned buying an AP i’m assuming you have an access point and not a usb wireless dohicky or something that would require you to use adhock mode set your SSID on your access point, in short it’s the name of your wireless network and everything on that network needs to use the same SSID.

The configuration utility can’t see it on the wired network either. Try resetting it again.

Reset Post Submit Post. Since your having problems turn on broadcast SSID, marginally less secure that was but wireless is so insecure with so many people not bothering to even change teh AP’s name and password let alone turn on WEP that anyone looking for free access will just drive down the street to the next unencrypted network Set the channel on your access point.


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If you have a specific time frame please contact us before you make the purchase. There is no USB port.

Try looking for a reset switch compuda reset it, although it might be more than just pressing the button Los Angeles, CA Registered: Track this discussion and email me when there are updates. Please note that we cannot give refunds after the 30 day limit has expired. Have you paid for that? It’s in the next room!